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Cat rescues family from poisonous gas

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This happened in my hometown! Go Winnie!!! (He's 14 years old!)

Edit: I just looked again, it wasn't my hometown... the story was just published in my local news rag. Anyway... yay Winnie!!!
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That is awesome
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Great job Winnie!!!!!!
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I love stories like that!!! Yay Winnie!!!
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great story !!!
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Aww!! What a great story and awesome hero Winnie is!! And that last statement about cats sensing things, yes, of course they can!!
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Way to go Winnie That actually reminded me of a similar story of a manx that saved his family, but he had lead them outside and thats when they smelled it, that story i read in the chicken soup for cat lovers soul I dont think cats can get enough credit these days Way to go winnie, thats was awesome
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Winnie deserves a medal - what a star
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About 45 years ago, we went through something similar. Mom was awakened by our cat, Tom Tinker, pawing her arm. When she opened her eyes, she saw a layer of smoke just above her face. She got Dad up and they got me and sis out of the house and into the car. No fire, but something had blocked our chimney (coal furnace) and the smoke got into the house.

Way to go, Winnie!
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Hurry for Winnie! What a great story!
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Waaaay cool! The company I work for does smoke & soot clean-up (among other things). We cleaned a home that had been saved by the cat. That cat went to 3 bedrooms, waking up everyone in the house!
Having animals in the photos that I upload is against the rules, but in this case I "accidently" included one of the cat.
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Just read this story! Way to go, Winnie!!
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