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Orijen food popular with my cats!

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I received my order of Orijen Cat Food yesterday.and of course my crew seems to really like it.

I'm using Nutro Max Cat Adult and they all seem to like it, but I've been hoping to find a good food to mix in for variety sake.

One of my considerations has to be something good for urinary tract health. The other has to be a food that they will like.

First I tried Felidae, but no one seemed to care for it and they were eating around it. Then I tried Timberwolf Organics Serengeti. That got a little better reception, but still not accepted as well as had hoped.

Of course the one they really seem to like is the Orijen which is not as readily available as the others.

I just emailed Pet Food Direct and asked them if they planned to carry it in the near future.

I'm thinking that if they have enough requests for it then they will start carrying it sooner rather than later, so anyone interested in using this food may want to also send them an email from their contact them page.

I have some errands, but when I get back I'll get a picture of their kibble and post it in this thread if anyone is interested in the size and shape.

I just wanna be able to get a good quality food that my cats will eat without having to sell my blood for shipping and PFD usually offers enough in discount to pretty much cover shipping for me.
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I'm feeding it now, and it has gone over so well that Jamie actually smashed his automatic feeder to get at it. All of a sudden a lot of suppliers here are offering it.
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I almost forgot I said I'd post pics of the kibble so you could see size and shape.
I put them next to a dime and on a dime so you can see they are not too large or too small.

Following is the response I received from Pet Food Direct regarding my inquiry if they would be carrying the Orijen soon.

"Good Morning,
Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We have had several inquiries regarding the Orijen foods. We recently met this company at a trade show and they are still seeking distribution in the US. This may take some time as their labeling will not pass the AAFCO regulations in this country. They will have to re-work their ingredient panel to conform to AAFCO restrictions before they will be able to be selling their product here.
We are very interested in this line but will need to wait until they are able to be compliant with the US labeling restrictions governing pet food.
I would recommend checking our site in maybe 6 months but I have no way to say exactly how long it may be.
In the mean time, we are carrying Innova EVO which is an excellent grain free cat food that I have been feeding my own 8 cats for nearly 2 years with great results. We also have Nature's Variety Raw Instinct, Timberwolf Organics Serengeti and then brand new Wellness CORE. All these are also grain free diets.
Thank you again for visiting and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Customer Service Team
1-215-513-7286 Fax
Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST
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