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My Boss was fired today

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I can't believe I walked into work this morning to find out that my boss has been fired. She has worked at this company for over 18 years and has been my boss for 14 out of the 15 years I have worked here.

I walked into this company in 1992 as an entry level person batching paper claims. I only worked here a year when an opening came up and applied for it. She gave me a chance. I learned just about everything I know about our industry from her. When I started working for her we were both cramped into one office. When we finally got a computer we had to share it which could become quite comical at times. I would leave to go for a quick cig and she would jump on. She would leave to run out and get lunch and I would jump on.

The shock of it all has still not even sunk in. My mentor has been ripped away and I never even got to say goodbye.

They fired the one person that probably had 99.9% of the industry knowledge. She went to the meetings, she had the contacts and she knew what was going to happen and had the company prepare before some of our best competitors.

What the f*** where they thinking?

Did someone convince the powers that be that they could do her job better? Or that several people combined at another division had the knowledge she had?

Did she step on the toes of a powerful person enough to give her the axe?

I know in my heart that after the shock wears off that she can go anywhere. She can pick and choose to her hearts content until she lands another job but it does not help now knowing the heartbreak she must be feeling.

I want to call her but I don't even know what to say.

I am sure there a lot of people who would love to see their boss get fired but in this case it was the worse possible thing that could have happened. Not only for my loss but it is a loss to the entire company.

I am sure that this post might not make a lot of sense but I needed to vent.
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We're here for ya! That must be so hard...she wasn't just your boss, but a friend.
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Im sorry! Yes most of us would loved to ditch our bosses! I think it is great that you bonded with yours! The situation seems fishy, at least she can claim un-employment until she finds a new job! Maybe this will be a good thing for her... More opportunities and/or better pay! You have a great heart! Sorry!
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I hope you call her. She may just need to know she has your support.
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Ohhh no, that's horrible!! That sort of thing causes so much instability in a workplace - if the staff think someone who was awesome, and had been there forever and knew everything got FIRED with no warning, the staff get restless and very worried.

So not only have they fired someone who sounds like a major asset to the company, they're causing a lot of angst amongst the employees, which is just as bad!!!

I hope you call her as well, she may need to let it all out to someone.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I hope you call her. She may just need to know she has your support.
I will probably try to call her tomorrow since I have the day off. I know a lot of people have tried to call her today but she is not answering her phone. I am worried about her. This must have been such a shock.

And the real kicker is that her birthday is Sunday.

What lousy timing
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Please do call her. Your support will mean the world to her. You don't need to worry about "what to say" -- even if the words are not there, your support for her, and outrage at this event, will be. That's what matters.
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I hope you call her- i'm sure it would do her good to hear from her friend right about now. I will keep her in my prayers that she is able to move on and find a good new job. I hate that this happened to her. Perhaps you could offer yourself as a personal /professional reference for her should she need one in the future? Also - i'm sure she could use a bit of ice cream right about now! Maybe you could bring her some and let her vent? That seems like a nice friendly gesture. I'm hoping for the best out of this difficult situation your friend found herself in
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What is it with these Ohio companies? Where my friend works at in Burton, they are firing big bosses left and right! Plus I just got layed off yesterday, so I am also joining the "looking" for a new job search! I hope you call her and I hope she is ok.....
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