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What cat rescue have you done and said to yourself "what were these people thinking?"

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This thread is to make everyone aware of the personal rescue stories people have to tell of other people around the world, ones who are just plain stupid, and have no concept of right or wrong, and end up hurting cats because of it.

And hopefully the happy endings.

AKA "The Worst Of The Worst Cases"

Here's my story about the worst rescue I did. Feel free to share yours too.

I was at a friends house, and the house next to his was a broken down house with woods in the backyard. My friend told me the women in the house was giving away kittens she didnt want. I knew someone who wanted to adopt so I brought over a carrier to look at the kittens. I walked into the yard, it smelt so bad! By the woods were multiple mattresses, piled one on top of another. There were dead mice everywhere, and fleas swarmed on to me out of the grass, I knew right away the situation was bad. Then I saw 3 calico cats, they were so small I thought they were young kittens, but they ended up being runts, resulting from 2 generations of mother/son mating. They were so skinny, but not starving, they were eating the mice. I found out these sisters and mother were pregnant from their brother/son for the mom. So I asked where the kittens are. The women said the mom and one sister had their kittens in the woods, but she "hasnt seen them since and said they are probably dead in the woods somewhere" She said the 2nd litter was dead under the mattresses and didnt bother to remove them. As of then all I could worry about was getting those kittens. She said the last sister gave birth to 5 kittens, and that 2 died right after being born, 3 were left. I turned the corner and saw 3 tiny kittens shivering locked in a tiny birdcage, no towel or anything, and it was freezing outside. The kittens were so tiny they could fit in the palm of my hand. I asked the women why arent they with their mother, apparently after 1 week she took them away from their mother and put them in the birdcage feeding them dry food once a day, which they never ate and left them in that cage all day and night. So I took the 2 black and white kitties, but had to leave the calico behind, she refused to let me take it, why, because she said it was for her daughter. She said she lets the cats breed because her 5 year old wants kittens all year as pets.

So sadly I had to leave the kitten and parents behind, I had to worry about the 2 kittens I had now. They were so weak and their eyes were dark blue leaking fluid so bad.

My friend ended up keeping one, but he neglected it so he gave it up, now we arent friends anymore.

Both kittens went to the same house, a women who lives on my block took them in. They werent weaned yet so she had to bottle feed them, one got a very high fever and almost died a couple weeks after rescuing her, but amazingly survived even though the vet said she probably wont make it. The kittens grew stronger and got spayed, both female.

Today they are happy and healthy sisters and have fun playing all day. Their only health issue is that they are tiny runts forever, if you saw them you would think they are older kittens, but they are very brave and bold, not to mention they are very sweet and love people and other cats.

I feel bad I was unable to help the others, but I heard the people were reported for unhealthy living and animal abuse, I hope the ending was good for the other cats.
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Saphira....April/May 2006. One of the few cases where we could CONFIRM that people had done the damage, being as how we rescue area strays, and one of the most memorable (but not in a good way) cases I helped out on.

A young woman brought her young adult female cat in to our low-cost/free spay and neuter services. Upon examination, we confirmed that Saphira was suffering from a lot of bruising and some broken bones, as well as some bones that had healed themselves after being fractured, if I remember the case correctly. Saphira was very scared, she was especially scared of men. So, when her owner came to pick her up, we had to question her as to why she hadn't sought vet care for a cat who was obviously in a lot of pain. It was then that the young woman confirmed that her boyfriend not only beat the cat, he also routinely abused her and recently, in an effort to "get at" the young woman while she was at work, he had tried to drow Saphira in the bathtub.

We offered at that point to take Saphira into our soc program and have her subsequently adopted into a safer home. We also contacted several resources for the young woman to help her get out of the apartment and situation safely. We didn't pursue animal cruelty charges in order to protect the young woman, since animal cruelty wouldn't have carried any jail time in this city anyway.

The young woman had gotten out of the apartment last I heard, but I'm not sure about any further developments in HER story. Saphira, though, I assisted on her soc and her adoption. She was adopted by a young couple, both women, in a quiet house in our quiet little neighborhood. She sits on laps now and loves to have her little chin petted. She is still skittish around men, but these two women have been good about setting up a safe room when they have male visitors. It's a sticky situation, and we tried to do all we could. Unfortunately, we couldn't do much more for the young woman but give her some trained, expert resources and encouragement and we couldn't pursue the young man (other than to put him on an alert list with CASA) but Saphira is much happier in her home and most importantly, she has a LIFE.
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Thats great to hear she was rescued and adopted! I heard a similar case watching Animal Precinct, it's amazing how some people dont care about anyone (human or animal) and will do anything to hurt another. It's really sad.
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There are so many heartbreaking stories. I really wish animal control laws were tougher! When I win the lottery.....

to all for doing what you can.

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One of our foster homes last year was a Jehovah's Witness. While going door to door one evening, she spotted a very tiny, sick kitten outside of an apartment. She offered to help the family with the kitten, and the woman threw her off of her porch. She called our President to tell her about it as she was very upset by the conditions of the kitten, and the fact that the kitten was chained up and not allowed inside.
She did not want to get involved and risk the church coming under fire for her involvement. I made her give me directions to the apartment building, and called Animal Control once I had the address and apartment number.
They never came, and never called back.
After about an hour, during which time I had verified the kitten was CHAINED to a folding screen on the balcony, with rice and tuna for food, only a box to sleep in, and had severe diarrhea, it was time to act. We (my partner in crime) had been sitting watching for a while, because the front door to the apartment was open and a child was playing inside by the front door. We couldn't risk being seen.
Finally about an hour and a half after we arrived an adult showed up at the apartment, went inside and closed the door, and the curtains. After another 10 minutes, I went up the stairs, unwrapped the kitten from the chain, and took it home.
Upon first examination we determined him to be about 6 weeks old, but very very tiny (only 15 oz), eating on his own, but with severe diarrhea. He turned out to be a she (who's anus was so enlarged and swollen we sexed her wrong). I tried really really really hard to find her the perfect home.

When we first rescued her.

Look, she's a poly!

My beautiful princess!

Hehe, now she lives with me
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What kind of person could chain up such a tiny, helpless creature like that! She is so beautiful now you could barely see it was the same cat. Good for you and your partner in crime!
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