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My Tom cat has stopped using his tray

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My Tom cat of nine years no longer uses his tray but instead constantly uses the same places in and around the kitchen. I have tried pretty much everything to discourage him from doing this, i.e. using disinfectant, different sprays, and even putting his tray in the same areas he makes a mess. However this has not worked, can anyone give advice on what can be done to stop him.
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Is is neutered? Have you taken him to the vet to rule out a Urinary Tract Infection? Going outside the box is usually an indication that there's something medically wrong. Also, has be been declawed? When a cat gets declawed, they avoid using the litterbox because it hurts their paws. Where is the litterbox? If it's in a high traffic area, that could be another reason. Cats are very private and don't like an audience when they have to do their business. I'd have him checked out with the vet first. Also, he could be one of those cats that is impeccable about having his cat box spotless. Keep us posted and let us know how you make out.
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My cat has been neutered,has not been declawed has'nt got an infection.His tray's are in quiet areas in the spare room which is known as the cat's room.I clean them out every day and sometime's at night,it isn't a urine problem .He is as the expert's say middening.
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Cloud - no offense - how do you know he does not have UTI. Has he been check out by a VET and received a clean bill of health? Only then would I consider it purely behavioral.
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Do you mean it's not a urination problem but that he only defecates outside the box? Or is it both? Sorry, we need all the details
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Yes I do mean he defecates outside his litter box, this happens on a regular basis, he has done this even when I have just cleaned his trays out. Initially I thought it could be due to another tom cat hanging around, and my cat is marking his territory. He didn't go outside like he used to do, he seemed more timid, but now he stand's his ground with this other tom cat, he doesn’t seem as timid as he was, and goes outside with no problem.
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Have you changed the brand of litter in the box? Sometimes they get finicky over that.
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