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Menu Foods petition

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For those interested in signing a petition for Menu Foods...someone sent this link to me so I thought I'd share.

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thanks for link I did
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I dont think it affected us in oz (we also dont buy the really expensive foods, the kitties are picky) but ill sign it
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I signed it, there is so much that they arent telling the public and it just really angers me how they handled the situation, from my understand they knew almost a month before they made the inital recall and everything! I just dont get how people tell you that their pets died, and a university that u dont believe them and go and do your own testing to "prove" it wasnt their food! But see because all of our cats are picky we usually dont get any foods on that list luckily, but however I did have the contaminated special kitty for a week or so and stormie got sick so they werent on it for that long lukcily, i always says its better to trust your instincts when it comes to food for ur pets lol and thats what i did (Luckily i didnt listen to my mom who siad it was a hairball) But thank u for the link

Also R.I.P all the little ones who lost their lives to this
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