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Nov 1 DT

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Can you believe that we are in November already! Less then 2 months to Christmas. I have finished my Secret Santa shopping and out of the country Christmas cards are written, addressed and ready to mail - I will wait a bit before sending them!

It is snowing here! We are expected to get 10 to 15 centimetres! I hate snow! I would be happy with sunny and 25 Celcius all year!

We didn't have as many trick or treaters last night because it rained. We only got about 100 kids. Last year we had at least 150! Hubby had a good time with the kids - he was huddled under the neighbours carport handing out candy and drinking beer with the neighbourhood men. They had quite the driveway party last night and I stayed nice and warma nd dry! My cough is doing better today, so hopefully it will be gone soon!

My Siames Fighting fish Dragon passed away last night. He had been with us for close to 2 years. My cats loved watching him - he will be missed!

Anyone have plans for the weekend? We are going to renegotiate our mortage (we were quoted 5.63% for a fixed 5 year). I have to buy something for my grandmother for her birthday and on Sunday it is her birthday party.

I hope everyone has a great day - I am headed back to find more newspaper contacts for Anne!
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I had a very uneventful Halloween. Not one trick or treater. Not even teens just out for the candy! So I watched TMC's re-mastering of London After Midnight, a silent film with Lon Chaney made in 1928 which all of the known copies have been destroyed. They redid it using production stills and the original shooting script. Then I watched Thinner, which actually followed the novel pretty well. Then I watched the Avalanche beat the Canucks (hockey) 5-1. YEAH! 'Bout time they started playing HOCKEY! Oh, and I toasted a whole bunch of pumpkin seeds.

Glad to hear you are doing better Ady. You know, maybe hubby will start volunteering to hand out goodies if they can have a male bondage, er, I mean bonding party. :tounge2:

No big plans for the weekend. Going to try not to spend money, which will be easier said than done. I'm just hoping that it warms up around here! I love the snow, but this bitter cold is getting real old, real fast.
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76 and heading for 81 today. To all of you people, up north: nanner, nanner, nanner.

Bill's sisters are having a yard sale, at our house tomorrow. They, still, have a lot of stuff, from their mother's house (she died, last year). Bill says that this is the last one. Whatever doesn't sell and none of us want, goes to Goodwill. Last year, I grabbed a set of kitty salt-and-pepper shakers and a big box of embroidery floss. We'll have to keep an eye on Joan, though - she wants to take Ike back to Mesa, with her. She loves him, to death. If she had a fenced yard, we'd let her babysit him, when we go to Vegas, next month.

Have a good weekend!
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Not fair, Heidi! No Halloweeners and we're freezing, while Cindy basks in the Arizona sun. Of course, my kids and roots are here in PA, but I think there's been a bit of an error. I'm sure God meant to have me born somewhere around San Diego... The stork was off course that day, I believe...
I didn't see the Lon Chaney movie, but after Survivor I watched the end of Halloween (the original). Other than that, it was an uneventful evening.
Ady, get well, completely well. This has gone on long enough. Between you and Ghyslaine, you are worrying us to death, and you don't listen when we tell you to rest! Good Grief, Charlie Brown!
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Heidi - we taped the movie because we had to go to a customer's halloween party for kids. It was fun!

Cindy - go sit on it.

Ady - at least one of you sick Canadians is getting some rest!

Jeanie G. - I agree. Florida, San Diego - they're good latitudes!

Munchkin got attacked by Magic this morning. So we took her to the Vet and Gary decided that when she comes home, she's coming inside.

We're gonna be foster parents! Go figure.
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