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Thursday Relaxing

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Got some new good shots of both Vincent and Ebony today. I even got some pics of them sharing the cat tree - no more growling from Eb Yay!! (Vincent has now been with us for 1 week so all things considered I think they're getting along pretty well).

I know I'm handsome

Hi Mom!

Are you done with that camera yet???

Sharing the Tree

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Aww....Great pics
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Those are really good pictures! What sweet kitties!
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What beauties! the first one looks like a younger version of a cat named Boxcar at the shelter where I volunteer.
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Those a great pics. Your kitties are adorable.
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Great pics of two gorgeous furbabies. Vincent didn't take long to settle in, and it's really great how well they are getting along already! Ginger's been home for 6 months and she and Ophelia don't ever get that close on purpose, and if it's by accident there are some horrid noises to accompany the surprise.
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o my they are such cuties, glad everyones getting along too those pics are so great, they are such cuties
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Awww.... Vincent is handsome, and Ebony looks like he's got a lot of spunk! They're both gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
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Thank everyone - I was so happy to have a sunny day and get some pics in the natural light.

This morning the two of them were playing chase. I am so happy they are getting along. Eb has never had a real playmate before.
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Great new pics! It looks like they are getting along quite well.
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So cute! I love the ones where he is peeking down from the cat tree.
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Awwwwwwwww what precious pics
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Yay! Great pics and great progress after only a week!!
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Gorgeous pictures! Those too are so cute! Vincent looks really quite posh like a true gentleman. Glad they are getting along so well already!
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they are a couple of cuties I am glad they are getting on well, you will have to tell us your secret - I am still 'managing' Teddys entry into our fur-crew
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