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Maisie Moo Moo`s progress

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It`s only been 9 days since she arrived but she looks better already, I think.
She had her first face to face meeting with Kitty last night. She swore at him but no fighting.

Here`s one pictures of her on the first day. ( Did try to put anouther one in but AAARGH! photobucket kept changing the poxy properties! )

And here she is after...

And here`s her 'glamour' shot!

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What a sweetie! It looks like she's filling out!
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She is looking good, she's a little doll
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She's lookng great. What a beauty!
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She's beautiful!

Looks like she is putting on some weight already
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She looks sooo good!
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Thank You!
She seems to have a shiny coat now and her eyes are bright and she doesn`t sit all hunched up just staring at the floor anymore.
I`m so pleased!
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awe she is looking GREAT what a gorgeous girl too
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aww, she is a darling, bless her give her some special tummy rubs from us
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She looks like she is starting to thrive
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She's so unusual looking! She has a dollface... I can't resist the cuteness. I do see a change... she must love her new home.
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shes so cute!! I also have a Maisie Moo! My little tortie BSH, got excited when I saw the name!!
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Thanks guys! Unfortunatly she doesn`t think much of my little man Kitty.
He is NOT happy and spending less and less time at home
Hopefully he`s just having a little tizzy and he will get over it in a day or so.

What is it with torties and the name Maisie?! I`ve seen your Maisie Moo. She is such a cutey!
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aww, it'll probably settle down. When i first got Maisie Moo (my one!) Chloe hated her and actually attacked her more than once. Only reason she couldn't go off in a strop is they're all indoor cats. She loves her now though! Its funny they are both torties!
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wow, she's defenitly filled out! quite nicely!
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