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Barney just ate my homework!

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I have taken up cake decorating and for homework, we had to make 5 centres for roses. They have to dry for at least 3 days to work on them. I just made mine and was watching tv and cross stitching (I know, it's a busy life!) and now I find Barney has eaten all my centres! They are made on wire with a hook on the end and he's chewed off all the icing! Lucky he didn't get one of the hooks stuck in his throat. How embarrassing! And what am I going to say at class? All my class mates are proper ladies and their cats would never eat their homework. Barney thinks I just make personal lolly pops for him. It's not the first time he's done it but I'm running out of clean places to hide my homework from him. Help!!!
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LOL, stick your homework in a cardboard box, and tape it up. He'll nosey round it for a bit but he'll either sit on top of it or get bored

Suki likes the milk from my cornflake bowl, so I always save her some otherwise she sticks her nose in while I'm eating them :o
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Barney was just saying that you should make some "practice" ones for him to snack on so that you real ones will be safe!
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That's so funny and it sounds like something my cat would do! Maybe next time you could try putting your homework in the refrigarator(sp?), or maybe hide it inside the oven?
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:LOL: :LOL: Oh thats too funny!! Barney was actually just doing you a favour - he was making sure they tasted alright before you took them in to class!! You should be thanking him!!! :LOL:
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well that's a twist on the old "my dog ate my homeork"!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom's girl piper loves to lick lemon frosting of cakes. So, my mom know to put them under cover!
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:homer: Roses!
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That is too funny! The more I read about Barney the more of a character he is. Aw, you know you wouldn't want him to be any other way.
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Listen up people! I would have liked a little sympathy here and you all just rolled around laughing! What am I going to say in class? All the other ladies are neat and prim and would be horrified if they knew what Barney got up to. They probably don't even have cats! What about the time the teacher announced in a loud clear voice that there appeared to be a long black hair sticking out of my orchid and then proceeded to hold a lengthy lecture on hygiene??? I was mortified! And I could see all the perfect little noses in the class wrinkling with disgust. And does Barney care? Not one bit! So a little support here, guys! What do you say?
Diann in Australia
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I would just tell you teacher that around your house, cats are a fact of life! Barney is just your test tester! Try and grab that Kodak moment next time.

I remember one year going to the post office before Christmas with a pile of packages. Each one had to go a different way, so we were getting through the pile (the clerk and I) when she got to the last one- a large manila envelope. As she turned it over, I could see a bunch of cat hair was stuck underneath the flap! I was so embarassed but without even skipping a beat, the clerk looked at me and said:

"Let me guess, this one goes Hair Mail?" LOL
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I really tried to muster up some sympathy between giggles! That was just toooo cute!
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Ahem! Please note that the expression on my face is completely serious. It seems to me that you will have to make more roses, leave them in the same place and catch the thief on film. I would then slip a pair of striped pajamas on him and take another picture of him behind the bars of a cage. It is essential for Barney to look forlorn, so that the prim and proper patrons of pastries will know he has been suitably punished. Of course, you will also make an addition set of roses which will surpass those of your testy teacher and your critical classmates. Problem solved without a titter! Now may I laugh?? Please?? :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Can't keep them in the refrigerator because they'll melt but the oven is an excellent idea for small projects. At the moment, I have the bed in one of the spare rooms covered in Christmas decorations that are to go on cakes for a raffle and have the fan on them to dry them out. I've remade the rose centres (not that anybody here cares!) and they are in the spare room too but I live in fear of an invasion of creepy crawlies. Also, teacher is going to know that I haven't left them to dry for 3 days. My life is fraught! Maybe I should take up golf!
Diann in Australia
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Diann! I was laughing - i was empathizing - Merlin is always getting into my craft projects! Don't take up golf because Barney will steal and hide all of the golf balls I am currently making some Christmas tree decoration and when i am done painting them I have to hang them from hooks under the kitchen cupboards - can you set up some hooks in a cupboard?
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Hmph! I gave you a perfect plan to please your peers and impress your pontificater! And this is the thanks I get. LOL !
Barney is Mr. Personality Plus. Isn't this sort of thing what makes him such a lovable character?
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Diann, when I cross stitch there is always a little bit of Trent that goes into each and every project. LOL Not too bad if I'm using dark floss, but the white parts... We laugh only because we have all done been there. Barney is just keeping your life interesting. I'm surprised I haven't glued Trent to any of my other craft projects, but there was one time when there was red kitty footprints all over my new leather barstools.

As for those proper ladies in your class, well they obviously never owned a cat! What good are people who can't understand a frisky feline anyway? Hrmph! LOL
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