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Finding out if Male/Female

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At what age are kittens before you can tell if they are male or female?? I will be getting a kitten soon from a friend and she cant remember when it was that she was able to tell. She has five kittens that are about 3 weeks old and she says if she is looking right and if it time to be able to tell, they all look like males!!! Is three weeks to early?
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She should be able to tell by now. You can tell as soon as they are born if you know what to look for although it can be a little tricky. There are sites online that can help you too.
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Thanks! I think she has had enough litters that she knows what she is doing. I am not so sure that I want a male cat if she is right on all 5 being males!!!! Do you have male cats and what do you think of having a male/female cat??
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I could tell my rex kittens from birth. If you know what color the mother is and/or the father and the color of the kittens, you usually can tell any time.

For instance: if you have a tortie/calico kitten - 99.9% of the time they are female. Then you can use that kitten to compare.

Sometimes you can tell right away - if you let them go a few weeks its harder to tell till they are a few months old for sure

As far as preference; I'd take a male over a female any day! They are friendlyier, more outgoing, and cheaper to neuter If you have a female now, getting a male kitten (neuter him young) will work better - a lot of resident females are more territorial and will accept a male quicker then another female.
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I had a male, he was nuetered. he was loving, really playful,Mischeivious like Loki at times. just plain fun. the only thing was i felt i had to hang a car air freshner around his neck. You know the christmas tree kind. he was a typical man when he went to the bathroom he stunk up the whole house. I did light a few matches in his room other then that he was a great friend. his name was gizmo aka Fat Ba _ t a r d. he was big
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Thanks everyone for the input. I do not have any cats right now, had 2 growing up and would love to have another. A friend of mine has kittens and I just was wonder how the males were cause growing up the 2 I had were females. I would for sure get it fixed as soon as they allow it. My friend thinks that all 5 of these kittens that her cat has are male so I guess thats what we are getting!!!
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all of my males who have been neutered have been love bugs . yet some of my females havnt been. i dont think one is more loving then the other , some of it has to do with how they have been socalised from birth . sometimes a cat can be loving at first but change or could be the other way round.
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I would take a male over a female, they are so loveable!!
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I have had two males cats before the one I have now. All three of them were very loving. THey were also more outgong thatn my girls. They didnt' care who petted them and long as they were being. When people came over my girls would run and hid they wouldnn't.
I think its different for all cats. min ejsut happened to be like that. And if yuo get them neutered, he shouldn' tspray.
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I didn't realize that there was a difference between the personalities of both genders.

I used to have a big, male Maine Coon and he was the sweetest, smartest and friendliest cat I ever met. Now (at my dad's) I have a large male tom cat, and 2 girls. Cosmo (the tomcat) is the most affectionate and friendly. He loves being pet by strangers. Marble (one of the females) is nervous of strangers. She won't run away but just watch them until they seem safe and get pet. Claws (female) refuses to be seen by anyone but family but she does let us be affectionate with her when she is in the mood.

Therefore, in my history of cats male have been the most affectionate but my landlady's cat whom I'm taking care of now is sooo affectionate while her male brother is very shy.

I don't know if that helped but after reading what others wrote I thought it was interesting..
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