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Runaway cat?

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our cat which has always been a real real homebody, disappearred a day a go with no trace, we have looked everywhere, busy roads etc but no sign. I have heard of stories where cats dissappear for a while and then return a few days later. is this normal? should i be fearing the worst or is there a good chance she will return? Our other cat is out of sorts and we are so worried she will run away as well. can you please help?
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I'll move this to SOS for you.

Have you tried sprinkling some of her used litter around the doors?, or shaking the kibble or treat box?. Some do return, but i would knock on all the neighbours doors just to check she hasn't sneaked in a shed or under their houses.

I hope she comes back soon though
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yes tried that, will see if neighbours know anything.
thanks for advice
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Try ringing around some of your local shelters as well just incase.

They usually say to go out in the dead of night when everything is quiet and shake their kibble bag.
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ok will try that. it has been raining here will that decrease her chances of finding her way home?
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That's true because she'll be sheltering somewhere.
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When I moved into a new house several years ago, my cat ran away shortly after. We believe she was trying to get back to where we used to live. Unfortunately it was 150 miles away!! I was sure I would never see her again, but a month later she showed up on my doorstep. A whole month passed, and she still came back home!! I wish you luck, and hope your kitty comes back soon!! Just wanted to give you some hope!!

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I lost my cat for 9 days. But I don't think my cat ran away, I think he was sniffing around and wandered too far and couldn't find his way back.

This website helped me a lot: www.lostapet.org

Hope you find you kitty, good luck
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi that your cat returns home soon. Please keep us posted on it.

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Sending many come home soon vibes to your kitty!!!
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