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My favorite pose of Reeses

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Reeses sits like this all the time in the kitchen when we're cooking. Finally I got a picture of her doing it. Usually by the time I'd get the camera she'd move

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Now that is TOO cute! She's such a neat kitty!
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she looks like a little bunny!
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Aww... she such a cutie! I love all her different postures.
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She is such a character and beautiful as well
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aww thats so cute, so whats she waiting for chicken
She is a sweetheart, give that chin some scritches from us
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How cute is that! She is chillin out with you while you make dinner!!
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That is adorable!!
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Reeses is so cute!! She looks like she is very well behaved and very patient while you cook!
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She's so well behaved! I wish Stoli and luxor were that nice.....
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Ari is usually wrapped around our ankles when we make meals.
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That is the cutest pose!

I like watching people cook, too.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Ari is usually wrapped around our ankles when we make meals.
Oh last night she was at my wife's feet "Meow...meow...meow...meow...MEOW HELLO??" but sometimes she behaves

I wasn't doing anything while I took that picture. I was taking a picture of the snow outside, that's the only reason why I had the camera ready.

Now if I could just snap a picture of her hanging from an open dresser drawer...
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That is just too darn cute.
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That is way too cute!!! Maybe she's trying to tell you to add some catnip to the meal?
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I made the firsit photo alittle "artsy" (I guess, but what do I know? )

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love that first pic, seems like reeses is saying,
what are you doing? heeh
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That is such a cute picture. What a cutie. She wants to watch you guys cook

Zoey sits like that over things like couches, cat trees, etc. It's such a cute little pose isnt it.
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OMG! That`s sooo cute!
I`m thinking she needs a babys highchair and a little bid!
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Awww what a cutie! Nollie likes to perch herself like that on our breakfast bar stools... She treats them like a jungle gym! Crawling around, flipping over the bars, and so on! Great Picture! I keep trying to get a picture of Nollee literally swinging on her cat post! She grabs the top platform and does pull-ups and swings! Always making squeeking noises in the process! I have NEVER heard her meow is this normal for a 7 month kitten?
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Rob, I know you already know this, but you really have such a pretty girl can just see the sweetness in her eyes!
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Awww. What a cutie. Give her some scritches from me.
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How very cute Radar would have his whiskers in the pan I'm sure
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