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Newbie/Marking/Litter (Chapter XXVI)

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I just joined so pardon any faux paws *groan*

I read through all the existing feline urination/marking threads, but I do have a specific question (coming eventually). I have also worked as a vet tech and been involved in various shelter and rescue work. GREAT threads in here, great info, great stories.

I have 5 very spoiled indoor cats, 3 boys (brothers, 5yrs) and 2 females (8, 9rs). All were early spay/neutered. We have 2 tall cat trees, multiple cat beds and whatnot, plenty of privacy and places to go. A couple years back, one of my boys had a UTI with struvite crystals, and cleared up nicely on Clavamox and Rx diet.

I just noted some marking recently. Cant' catch the culprit in the act (sneaky deaky), but came close so I have high suspicions. Markings were near/at window sills and drapes (classic marking). I have observed litter habits and everyone is going well, no clinical signs of a UTI at this point. But vet appts are pending to rule out. Everyone gets along well, some better than others, but no fights or stalking. My 2 toddlers are more interactive now and that *could* be it, but I am skeptical--my cats are actually great with the kids, even my 2 shyest hang out and allow petting.

I am on the marking with enzymatic cleaners and Feliway. I am a woman possessed. We will be moving in a few months so you can imagine my concerns. Gotta hit this NOW.

I also just ordered this jigunda litter tub from PetSmart (uncovered) to try a supersized, uncovered pan. The husband *loved* that one. Oye. I currently have 4 boxes (YES I KNOW I KNOW!!! I NEED MORE. But this has never been an issue so I never got more. I am ordering more now. MORE!). One box is on first floor, 3 are on top. I scoop after every trip from every cat. (again, I am possessed). I am basically stalking them. I am trying to chill out so I don't add to any anxieties.

I watched 2 of my male cats while in the boxes. They start peeing fine, then lift tail and spray the back of the hooded boxes so urine is left in the rim of the box. Sometimes it manages to get outside the back if lid has any gaps.

I am trying unhooded to see if that makes a difference (and why I also bought the small canoe of a litter box). But I am thinking it's just one of those things. --anyone else have cats who spray IN the litter box and any comments/suggestions?

Believe me, in the scope of marking and elimination issues, this is one I gladly will deal with. But it does get messy.

The marking is very upsetting, obviously . This is new behavior. They saw cats outside at our previous residence and while it did antagonize my boys visibly, ( 2 of the boys would tangle with each other after a cat siting) I never saw marking. Welcome to the world of feline issues, I guess. I have seen a couple cats outside here (been here 9 mo) so 1 +1 =2, right? The Feliway diffusers and other measures have worked but I need more for the size of this house. I saw a new marking in the living room window this morning (shades were drawn last night too). It's very true that once you deter one marking site, often another presents itself.

I could isolate at night (the suspects) in my room with box and water (since the marking is during the night) and try to redirect?

So, not so much asking about the marking issue because we all know the deal on that; IA(but welcome any commentary), I am wondering about the litterbox spraying (is it related? have you similar experience? litter pan preferences? etc...)

So, sorry so long, and hi!
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Originally Posted by Jpawz View Post
So, not so much asking about the marking issue because we all know the deal on that; IA(but welcome any commentary), I am wondering about the litterbox spraying (is it related? have you similar experience? litter pan preferences? etc...)
Hello and welcome

One of my cats sprays the back of the covered box, it's the only place it ever happens. He has perfectly fine behaviour in the uncovered boxes, so for him it is box related.

I would just do away with the covered box if not for Betsy and Missy who require privacy when doing their business.
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Hmmmm...interesting. I should set up a cam in the litter room and see who does what in what box. Then I will be certifiable, no doubt

In the past, the urine spray *IN* the box, while a nuisance, was the only place it happened as well, and only occasionally. I grumbled, wiped the rim, and thanked all the feline gods and godesses that I never had cats who marked in the *HOUSE*.

Well. So much for that.

I have taken quick measures! The hoodless canoe litter box came and is up and running. I havent' seen the boys visit yet, but both my girls christened it. No mess either (as of the first 24 hours).

I also picked up another box today-one of those grocery store ones, Hartz, I think. It's long, hoodless, but semi-rimmed, which I liked.

Just ordered a gazillion pack of Feliway. I will power wash the house with the blessed stuff; so far it works well in the 2 rooms I tried.

Also using foil on the sills overnight so I can stop obsessing and get sleep.

Vet appt tomorrow for Suspect #1. (dreading this--my 2 male suspects just happen to be the most nervous felines).

I wonder, has anyone done a thread in here discussing where we all put our litter boxes? I'd love to know what works for others (aside from the obvious no nos-not near food areas and high traffic areas).

Success rate of Feliway, anyone?

Thanks again, missymotus
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