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My fluffy "niece" and "nephew"

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Just wanted to share a few pics of my brother and SIL's kitties, Jack (almost a year old) and Dori (9 months). They were adopted last fall from the TNR/rescue group I volunteered with. I think my "niece" and "nephew" are gorgeous, of course, and very sweet too!



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They look so sweet & healthy!!! That is great they were adopted from a rescue group.
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Wow all that soft fur! They look adorable, I especially like Jack's white fluffy undercarriage, that's a belly that definitely needs to be rubbed!
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Awwwwwww Eileen their so lovely!!!! Jack looks lovely and chunky in that first picture i could squeeze him from here!
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They're both beautiful. I love the raised paw in the last photo!
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Both gorgeous kitties! I just love the last picture. So cute.
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So cute! Thats great they are rescues too
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Awwwwwwwww Eileen you are right, they are both so gorgeous And how beautiful they are from a TNR group .....
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Eileen...they are gorgeous big balls of fluff
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I see the family resemblence!

Dori is soooooo pretty.
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They are both lovely, Eileen. Dori has such a pretty face!
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Thanks, guys! As you might suspect, I'm pretty fond of Jack and Dori and was thrilled when my brother and SIL decided to adopt them.
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They are cuties, I love their fur
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Jack! What have you been doing to that dolly!

Very cute
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Awwww, they are positively gorgeous Eileen!
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awwww they are such cuties!!!
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They are too cute!!
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Awww.... They have really grown up, haven't they? They are beautiful!
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