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My British Shorthairs and bengal!

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Hi, these are my babies! Hope you like!!

baby Alfie (lilac British Shorthair)

sleepy Alfie!

Maisie (Tortie British Shorthair)

Alfie and Chloe (Blue-cream British Shorthair)

Joey (Snow spotted Bengal)
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You have gorgeous babies
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Awww so cute. Beautiful cats I must say!
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Glad u like them! Alfie is actually 9 months now but can't find any pics of him that are recent, hes still gorgeous! Loads of lovely cat pics on here!
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Lovely cats
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Beautiful cats!!! Alfie is so cute sleeping!!
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Oh theres the little cherubs again!

I really love baby Alfie!!
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yep, got it figured out now so put them in the right place!!!
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What a gorgeous group of cats you have there!

They all look so soft and cuddly.
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They all are so precious! Awwwwww look at baby Alfie sleeping
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What great Cats especially that snowy boy Joey
I absolutely love blue eyed Snow Bengals they've got to be one of the prettiest Cats ever.
If my snow girl Cherub has any blue eyed kittens I'm going to keep them all
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Thanks, cherub is gorgeous too!
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Your cats are gorgeous!!!!! Alfie is adorable! And isn't Chloe a big girl?

I love the British Shorthair faces, they really are lovely
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Yes Chloe is a big girl!! Shes generally massive although has got a bit of a belly on her too! But the vet says its mostly just that shes big in general!! Built more like a boy!!! Shes my baby though and shes 10 years old so the older lady of the house!
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aww what a wonderful fur-family you have and that little Alfie - oh my what a treasure
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oh my those baby pics are darrrrrrrlllinnnnngggg!!!
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OMG! They are all so cute! More pics please!
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Originally Posted by pawsandwhiskers View Post
OMG! Have you ever seen anything cuter than this?!?!?!?!
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Oh I love Brit shorthairs!!! Your kitties are all so beautiful The Bengal looks gorgeous too, we definitely need more photos of all your babies
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That first picture is soo adorable I just want to nibble on that little paw!!
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Glad u like them, I'll try get some more at some point!
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They are all gorgeous but I'm coming to kidnap Alfie! lol
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