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Post Photos of Your Cat Ornaments

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Not sure if we have done this before, but I was thinking, bet we all have lots of ornaments, trinkets, charms etc of cats, so lets have a peek at 'em
Heres one to start.........
Its a little wind charm, I actually got it in San Diego - Teddy is having a nosey at the bottem left
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I have one cat ornament. Its a picture frame one with Alley.

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All of mine are safely packed away with my holiday things.
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come on - I dont believe some of you dont own some cat ornaments
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I have some, I just need to take pictures....

And Lois has a whole ROOM of cat stuff....
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OHHHHH I have TONS!! Friends & family keep giving me stuff related to cats... I am trying to get them to be more creative with their gifts to me.

I'll try to remind myself to take pics tonite and I'll post them tonite or tmr..
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Wow! I knew I had a lot but didn't realize how many till I took pics!
The first group of items are stuff that I bought for myself..

This one I got in New Zealand!! Notice one ear has some toothmarks?? Spike liked to chew on this so I had to move it up HIGH where he can't reach it!!

These cat statues are getting real hard to find since they are no longer being produced.


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This group is of items my family and friends got for me for various reasons..
This was handstitched by one of my ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters in high school for Christmas. I really cherish it now because she passed away a couple years ago.. She was an awesome interpreter...

Mom gave me this for my birthday when she saw how much I LOVED it when I saw it in a store. She was NOT trying to give me an hint...

Various Christmas gifts from my parents-

Mom is very good with painting and stuff- she made this for my birthday! She painted it to look like Rusty (originally MY cat but now belongs to my parents since she HATES me- that's another story!)

See the cat doll on the right? Mom hired an artist to create a statue looking exactly like my RB cat Doonesbury (soulmate). The ironic thing is... Doonesbury was MALE and this doll is wearing a dress!! Mom said she had the artist redo the doll several times then when she thought it was all perfect, she got that doll and realized it was wearing a dress- she gave up on having the artist redo it and gave it to me for Christmas!

More on the way...
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My aunt immediately thought of me when she saw this and HAD to buy it for me! I wasn't sure if I liked her thinking of me for that!

On my 16th birthday, I went out with Dan a guy I had a CRUSH on for a looong time and it was my FIRST DATE- he gave me this stuffed cat.. LOVED it!

My brother and sis in law gave me this for Christmas recently. I broke down and cried when I got it- it sure surprised them! I was just thrilled to get updated pics of my nephew and neices! See the cute cat magnets on the board along with the small mouse magnet?

Another gift from my bro and sis in law

Parents gave me this when I went into high school..

My sis made this for Christmas a couple years ago. She painted one cat to look like Rusty and the other cat to look like Sammy (they used to be MY cats but now belongs to my parents).

Parents flew out to DC to attend my graduation from Gallaudet University about 7 yrs ago and gave me this.. It's really adorable. You can lift the top off and look inside and you'd see a small cat face poking out from inside. Really UNIQUE!
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LAST group of pics!! I know I have more but that's enough pics for now.

Christmas gift from family

A cat friend gave me this recently as thanks for petsitting her cats..
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wow, way to go Pamela, you certainly have a few bits and pieces that are kitty related
I love the yellow fishing cat wind chime with his dizzy eyes

Great - any challengers
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Great collection you have there! I just love the one of the kitty driving the truck for "bad puppies"

I do have a few more items, but I have already packed them away for the upcoming move.
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I have a few...... but I think if Lois sees this she can beat Pamela....

Various statues on a shelf...

Some smaller ones (fuzzy pic too )

Wall plaque...
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I only have a few, all being some thing to do with ginger cats!!

also every year 90% of my birthday cards have cats on them!?? do you guys find this also?
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