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New Kitties!!

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So, we were on the lookout for a new addition to the family. I came across a cutie on petfinder, emailed about him, and found out he was at a cat sanctuary.

My fiance and I went up there last night to see "Alex," in this cute little "cat house" cageless facility! We spent two hours there, playing with the cats and getting to know all of them (there were about 70 total, spread over the seven acres and numerous buildings!). Well, we realized that Alex wasn't exactly what we were looking for, and we picked out a beautiful kitty named Vera.

Then I mentioned fostering, and boy did the sanctuary's owner light up! She has a kitten, about seven months old, who's extremely shy around people. He's a gorgeous little black and white boy, but ever so shy.

So what did we do? Well, of course, we took Vera. Then we offered to take Brady (the kitten), then we fell head over heals for Vera's son Spunky.

We went to the sanctuary in search of one cat, and came home with two new additions and a cute little foster!

I'm so excited, I've wanted to foster for so long, and now I'm able to! I really hope we can get Brady out of his shell, he's such a great cat.

I think we're going to be working very closely with this sanctuary for quite some time, I'm beyond happy, I can't wait to get home and play with everyone!!!

I will upload pictures soon, I promise!

Ok, I got around to getting the pictures up. I want to tell you that Spunky had massive eye infections when he was a kitten, so his eyes will drain for the rest of his life and will never have perfect eyes. However, he is the sweetest kitten I've ever met, I can't believe I was so lucky to find him!

Here's Spunky:

Here's his mom, Vera:

Here's the foster, Brady. We're hoping he finds the perfect forever home soon.

I had to leave them as urls because webshots was being picky, so please click on them to see the gorgeous kitties!!
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That's what i call a bargain! Awwwww bless your heart, i can't wait to see them all
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Aww bless you for taking in Vera and her son and the foster to better socialize. Can't wait to see their pics.. Keep us updated on how things are going.
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That is wonderful news! Congrats on your new fur family

We definitely need pictures!
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Congratulations on your new additions, and well done for taking a kitty as a foster. It's not something I could do, as they would end up staying with me and well that isn't fostering is it
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Thats lovely news!!!! Good luck with settling the 3 cats in and big pat on the back for you for helping out the cat sanctuary!
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Congratulations on your new family! And thank you for doing such a great thing - both adopting two kitties who deserve a loving home, and being a good foster meowm!
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Bless you for taking all of them!! And yes, we better get to see some pics!
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Well done!!! I'm sure that with lots of love...Brady will come around.
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Thanks for the great well-wishes everyone. I edited my original post with some links to pictures, hope you like the new additions!

Brady will come around, we were able to play with him last night, even get a collar on him and able to pet him. Man, if you get close to him and scratch him in the right spot, just behind his ears, he's the biggest purr machine on the planet!

Somebody's going to be really happy to have him, I'm so excited for him, I can't wait to see his progressive over the next few weeks.

Spunky and Vera are doing great, Spunky's actually met the dogs and other cat and is perfectly fine with them, makes me happy happy!

Thanks again guys, I'm so excited to be doing this!!
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Okay...after seeing little Brady, I'm hoping he becomes a "foster failure," and that you decide to keep him in your home!!! But, it's wonderful of you to take him in, and congrats on Vera and Spunky...they're adorable!
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Originally Posted by wookie130 View Post
Okay...after seeing little Brady, I'm hoping he becomes a "foster failure," and that you decide to keep him in your home!!! But, it's wonderful of you to take him in, and congrats on Vera and Spunky...they're adorable!

Congrats and bless ur heart Its been known that u go to adopt one and u just cant come home with one well atleast that has been us except for stormie and bella since bella found us on the streets but when we went for blue we came home with her and tessa, and when we had adopted willie we had also got precious but she didnt like the dogs so my gram had taken her and well my precious is still there and is the queen in that house

But o my they are all such cuties

And once again CONGRATS
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