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Is Frankie a psycho cat.... i think so

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i've had my bengal cat since he was 8 weeks, he's now 7 months and at the moment is driving my parents mad...... his behaviour isn't that bad really apart from ripping the odd bit of wallpaper and trashing the kitchen..but other than that he's pretty good or so i thought....last thursday my mother woke at 2 o'clock in the morning to go to the toliet, as she opens the bedroom door she smells gas... so there she is wandering round in the dark, too terrified to put a light on in case she blows the house up.... she finally gets downstair to the kitchen to find my bengal cat sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor swaying back and forth ...passing out because there was so much gas in the room... he had managed to turn the gas hob on (which are ment to be child proof but there we go)..... we thought perhaps it was a one off but no sure enough when i got up to go to school he'd done it again...
at the moment we are tieing the gas hob together with shoe lace to stop him pushing the buttons down.... does anyone have any surggestions to stop him from trying to kill us.. lol
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OMG! That must have been a scary experience. I thought my two were troublemakers but your tale takes the biscuit. I have learned that childproof is not the same as catproof.

Is there any way you can cover up the buttons completely so he can't get to them?
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my mother has bought some cap thingys that go on top of the buttons but they haven't come yet... i very much doubt that they will stop him, he's to clever for his own good...
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Maybe it would help to put sticky tape or something unpleasant for him on the buttons?
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Is there a way to close him out of the kitchen altogether? We never had this frightening a problem with our cats, but we went ahead and installed a french door between the kitchen/dining and the living room, and it has saved us a lot of frustration. If your house is built such that you can do that, it might actually save your lives!

Meanwhile, maybe he could sleep in a bedroom at night...
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Good point. This is one of the reasons that Radar is shut in the sitting room while we are not around to keep an eye on his mischief making - he developed a habit of turning the water taps on and leaving them trickling water. Didn't want to come home to a flood. Our sitting room is large and has comfy places for him to sleep, bookcases for him to climb, and all his immediate needs are met.

We really ought to put a door on the kitchen tho.
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nope theres no way we could shut him in any place other than the kitchen...but we do have a dog shed or greenhouse he could sleep in.....he gets along really well with the dogs so i guess he could sleep in with them
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