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What does your cat like to play with?

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My cats are crazy about the window shades that are for your car. They are coated with a reflective material over nylon fabric. They have a spring frame and the cats love to scratch and bounce on it. I was just wondering if other peoples cats have found unusual toys?
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Rowdy's favorite toy seems to be our Dalmatian, Ike. Of course, it is mutual.

Opie likes to steal my jewelry, when he can. Rowdy ran off, with a roll of Rolaids, last night.

As long as something isn't specifically labelled "cat toy", they will play with it.
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Fred loves my foam earplugs. He can play with one for hours. Pearl and Georgia like this doughnut shaped thing that has a ball inside it, I forget what the name of it is. They will play together with that. They all love the pole with the suede tassel.
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Snowball has a few favorite things he likes to play with besides his regular cat toys:

The packaging that any cat toy might have come in.

Balls of tin foil or any other small object that can be batted around easily.

The drawstrings on drawstring pants.

My shoestrings, but only when I'm in a hurry because I'm trying to get ready for work.

He enjoys batting balloons around when we have them which isn't very often.

He sometimes likes to play with the brushes we use for grooming him.

My computer keyboard when I'm reading posts here at TCS.

Purses made out of geniune(sp?) leather.

Those square green pads which are usually used for scrubing pots and pans.
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Orion's favourite things are his squeaky furry mouse toys. He sits there and tosses them into the air over and over...and eventually parades around like they're real prey he's caught.
He's also taught us to be clean with our paperwork around the house. Any paper found on the floor ends up
Oh and he loves batting around ping pong balls.
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Barney doesn't have a favourite toy. He will play with anything that takes his fancy at the time. He particularly likes to wrestle Rupert bear (the first one I made and my special favourite). He beats the living daylights out of him and will wrestle him off the couch. Rupert has a growler so I don't know if that is the appeal for Barney or the fact that my husband and I will both start yelling and screaming about it! Barney was born on the wrong side of the tracks as they say!
Diann in Australia
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Torti loves to play with the lollipop wrappers- i guess because they make those crinkly noises. Noodles (the mum) is totally uninterested in playing - I have tried cat toys, mice, etc etc..she's just lazy I think.

Do you spend a lot of time playing with your cats?
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Suki loves playing with string and any peice of odd paper floating about. She's also partial to some fluffy small toy mice you can buy here. We stopped buying them when we found out the fur was from rabbits
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Sampson likes to play with this thick shoelace type string that came off a travel water bottle for the dogs. He goes crazy when I bring it out. He also likes Scooby's tail.

Fallon likes q-tips, leaves and bugs.

Xavier likes Fallon and Mitzi doesn't like anything. She mostly likes to sleep and eat but occationaly she'll play with the kitty be good stick. It's a whip like stick with leather tassles on the end that we bought from petsmart.
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Dice... and we usually have dice everywhere... especially after gaming....

Our fingers, as we're trying to type

shoelaces (Had to retie mine 3x so far this morning)
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Ivo likes the empty plastic ball that came with her catnip kit. She also goes crazy over spiders in the apartment.
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Trent's favorite things are sparkly pom-poms that you get for crafting. Good thing they are cheap because he loses them quite frequently. And he loves to shred paper, especially newspaper. He now has 2 boxes that he has claimed as his own, which really clutters up the living room but as long as he's happy...

Ophelia likes black silk rose buds. No other color, just the black ones. She likes ponytail ties, and twist ties. Her absolute favorite thing in the whole world (right now) is one of those trash bag holders that you put around the trash can so the bag won't fall in. It broke at the clasp so it is now like a HUGE ponytail holder only it isn't a circle it's straight . (Does that make any sense at all? ) She BEGS me to come in the bedroom, the only place acceptable to play for her, and whip it around so she can chase it.
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Cooper lover ping pong balls (lucky for me a package of 12 is only .99)

She looses them, or I step on them!
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Lorie D. you had me in tears! LOL!!!!!

I'm really surprised that this one hasn't shown up yet: the plastic ring that some bottles have as a safety measure holding the top on. We get them mostly from orange juice tops. You pull up on the tab, so when it's off the ring it isn't an unbroken circle. But they love flipping it, picking it up with their paws, gripping it with their toes....

Shelly's a shredder too.

Lazlo loves the little mice, but only if they're furry on the outside and have something inside that rattles a bit.

The plastic safety rings that come off of cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. can be entertaining for hours.

Brown paper bags are probably close to Shelly's favorite thing. Hiding in them, pouncing on them, chewing them, shredding them, (preferably if Lazlo's in it), hiding toys in them and tearing it apart to get at the toy (usually the orange bottle ring! :tounge2: )

Boxes are almost as good as plastic bags. We make mazes out of boxes (cutting holes and taping them together, 3D too!) for them and toss toys they want in there.

Elastic. It has to be kind of thick and pretty stiff with a knot in the end of it. Or tied into a loop.

You know the little plastic tube that the teeny M&Ms come in? Stick anything in there that rattles (if the M&M have been eaten!) and it is the game of choice.

...they used to love the plastic ring with the ball that goes around and around....but the get tired of the fact that they can't catch the ball and pull it out. Stick ANYTHING in there that moves around and that they can get out with a little effort, and they're happy cats.

Flies. Although be careful, that can create real damage.

Spiders are usually frustrating - as they're most often on the ceiling. "mmrrrrrooooow!" "look mom - look up there!"

Bird watching. It's not a toy, but it is definitely a favorite past-time. Although falling leaves, bugs flying by - all are just as interesting.

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Faile loves the plastic rings, too. They both love to play in brown paper bags. The other day, we had to-go from the Olive Garden in a large shopping bag. Faile jumped in and did a very graceful somersault with the empty bag. I was laughing, and wishing for a video camera.

Molly loves to eat paper, especially the sticky part of envelopes. She also chases centipedes, and then eats them.

They both love catnip anything.

Most of their toys end up at the bottom of the stairs, sometimes they run down after them. Faile plays retriever and carries her toys in her mouth at times. Especially the furry mice, acting like the big hunter.

They also play with each other, running around like little racehorses. Wrestling is another favorite pasttime.
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Josephie loves any kind of wand with a string or ribbon attacted to it and milk jug rings. Auxana plays with fake fur mice.She loves to fetch! Sarah loves to play with what evers on the floor and no one else is playing with. I caught her playing with a bottle of Tylenol just the other day. She rolled it down the stairs. Josephine loves to play with Q-tips. She gets them out of the trash can in the bathroom and I find them all over the house! Gross!Everybody loves the laser pointer including me! It's the purrfect toy for someone who's lazy!I caught Sarah playing with a cigarette butt that was in the ashtray?
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While I was handing out the treats to the kiddies last night, I found out what Nakita's favourite "new" toy of the day is.

I was just closing the door and I turned around. Nakita had grabbed a monthly "feminine product" and was batting it across the room!

Thank god I didn't have any guests over!

They say kids say the "darndest" things, and I say cats "do" the darndest things!

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Alf likes elastic bands, tin foil, and playing football with jangly cat balls.

Ronnie loves her frou-frou (a large feather duster), which she shreds. I have to buy a new one every few months. And she enjoys playing with her food - especially chunks of chicken, which I find around the kitchen.
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Rowdy discovered a new toy, today - bubble wrap! Bill's sister brought us a lamp, wrapped in the stuff and Rowdy has been having a high old time. Guess I'll have to keep that around, now.
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Kassandra!!! That was funny!!! Can you imagine if you had guests, and here comes the cat with one of THOSE dangling from it's mouth??? :laughing: :laughing2

Merlin's favorite toy of choice right now is....Amber's pacifier!!!!

I have 3 of them, and I try to keep them put up where he can't reach them, but I forget sometimes, and then I will find them under the table, under the bed, etc....he likes to bat them around...i think he thinks I bought them just for him!!! So then I of course have to sterilize them really well, and try to remember NOT to leave them within his reach!!!! Luckily he hasn't chewed on any of them yet, he just bats thenm around! Silly cat! Pacifiers are for kids!!!
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Debby, as far as Merlin is concerned, he IS a kid!
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Very true, Cindy!! I was actually going for a play on words there...but I don't think anyone would catch know the old commercial "Silly rabbit...tricks are for kids" LOL :laughing:
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Jedi's favorite toys are (in no particular order):

Rings off of plastic milk bottles. He LOVES to bat them around on the kitchen floor. OF course most of them end up under the refrigerator or stove then we take a yard stick and fish around and pull them all back out...dust bunnies and all!

He also loves the clear plastic caps off of sport bottles of water. They too end up underneath fridge, stove, loveseat, etc.

He loves Mylar balloons so I try to get one for him once a month or so. I tie it to his chalet and he will bat that thing around all day! They last a good while too...

Any box that he can fit inside...

Socks...he loves to chew on them and drag them around the house.

Plastic grocery bags...he somehow manages to get his head through both of the carrying handles and then runs around the apartment with this bag flying behind him like a caped crusader! Funny as hell!! :laughing:

I just bought him a couple of those metallic foil balls...I thought he would love them cause they're shiny, they make noise and they are small enough that he can bat them around. He has shown absolutely NO interest in them since I brought them home Friday night (Jedi always gets a new toy on payday... ) hands and forearms are by far his favorite things to play with, as is evident by the scratches all over my hands and arms. I am afraid that someone at work will call for a psyche consult for me thinking I am a cutter one of these days!
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I have a swing-top wastebasket, in my bathroom. Rowdy has learned how to stick her head into it and flip the top off. She, then turns it over and crawl into it, to scavenge. I am finding toilet paper cores and used Q-tips, all over the house. We may have to switch to a step-on wastebasket. Fortunately, there is never anything "nasty" in that trash!
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