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Cat not wanting to go outside anymore

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My friend's cat has been an indoor/outdoor cat since he was almost 2. I think his cat is about 7 years old. He is a healthy cat that likes to roam around the outside parameter of the house. He has several cat friends that he goes and play with: they are other neighbors' cats. My friend has actually seen his cat hanging out with other cats. Recently, my friend's cat hasn't been wanting to go outside anymore other than doing his business and runs right back into the house afterward. My friend is a bit worried about this sudden change of behavior.

Anyone encountered this sort of change of behavior?
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umm well thats an interesting one - do you know if this cat is neutered, if not he might be getting into fights and this has scared him this could also be the case if he is neutered and an un-neutered male is dominating him ?
Something has obviously frightened him and he'd rather keep out of the way !
Maybe you could get your friend to join TCS and tell us some more about her kitty
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There could be a new pro-dominant threat in the area he simply doesn't want any conflict with. I wouldn't take it as a bad thing, actually good if it is safer for him.
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He could have had a run in with another type of animal that scared him or something. I think its better that he doesnt want to go outside.
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It is much safer for him if he doesn't go outside, so definitely don't force the issue and make him go out. If he is not eating well and things as well as the change in behavior then definitely get him to the vet for a checkup.
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I agree, I think he's a smart cat. Something scared him enough for him to realize its safer inside. Maybe your friend should have a litter pan inside - perhaps he would want to remain a totally indoor cat now
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Thanks. That's what I told my friend that maybe his cat encountered another animal that must have scared him. My friend's cat is neutered and he is eating normal. I do agree that cats are better off staying at home. Home is a much safer place than outside. I'm more scared of cars outside. I know I wouldn't let my furbabies roam outside of my house.

I had suggested about the litter box but he said his cat doesn't like it at all. The cat will tap his sliding glass door until he gets let out to do his business. A couple of times,my friend has seen his cat pee in the bath tub during the middle of the night.
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That's weird, unless your friend has not tried several kinds of litter. IMO the scoopable would be closest to loose dirt.

Funny thing was that our barn cats (some of them born outside and only briefly spent about a month or 2 inside as kittens) would use the litter pan if inside the house! Of course they used the sand/dirt outside.

The scoopable was close to the sand they used.
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My sisters cats had the same problem. They were going outside in the fields at the back of the house but then suddenly all three of them just stopped going out! We thought it was quite odd but then realised that the next door neighbour had got a dog and that had obviously scared them. The issue wasn't pushed as they are really happy indoors and to my sisters glee, no more 'pressies' brought in! No more dead mice or birds being chucked on the bed just as she wakes up!! Hehehehe
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