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I just started noticing Midnight/Middie just sitting there, she won't move at all. people walking past her and she still wont move like she usually does, she scatters when someone passes her.. and now nothing, she's also making these hardly noticeable sounds.. but i can hear them when i go by her.. is she in any kind of pain, what can i do to make her more comfortable... I'm a bit worried.... I heard a cat meowing and i thought it was her, but it was my other cat Zack calling to go into my parents room.. lol.. false alarm.. I'm not to worried about this pregnancy, I've done this once before, and i actually did the breathing with other cat Kandy.. I was like "take a deep breath, now breathe" and i would actually do that, and while she was screaming would scream.. she actually called me to be with her, i cried during the whole thing of course.. lol.. but i enjoyed it completely..anyhow.. i hope someone can help me make her more comfy.. i think she needs it...
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Can you just move her to your room or the place you have made her nest? I would also suggest that you give your vet a quick call and ask them to be on standby in case something untoward happens. It's good that you're being a paranoid moewmy but being too paranoid is bad for you and actually very stressful for her!
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I think i will give them a call.. but tomorrow morning. it's 2:12am right now.. but will do.. I'm not touchign her because she seems to be very grouchy, and likes to just st on the carpet, so i'll see if she's gonna be okay for another hour or so.
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If she's sitting still because that's the most comfy thing for her, then maybe she should just be left alone... Though maybe a pillow to lean on or something, where she is, could help?
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