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Too Funny

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We have a flemish giant rabbit (Livingston) and he and our kitty Jack are friends. Tonight we brought Jack home after his neuter and he was walking around and went to Livingstons cage. They stood sniffing each other for a few moments and I laughed and told hubby they were talking about the trauma of losing their testicles... right after I said it Jack turned and raised his tail and stood there a few minutes showing Livingston his lack of fuzzies. The hubby said "I bet Livingstons telling him 'yeah mine was worse, I had a uterus too!'"

My husband and I were laughing so hard.

(Livingston was/is a hermaphodite which we only know because he was neutered. He had a partial uterus attached to one of his testicles.)

Jack's fine after his neuter. Our vet was gushing about how sweet he is! He's not upset with us at all.

Jolie had a fever and the vet said her chest sounds really congested. She'll be on antibiotics this week and be neutered next week. She also thinks she might be pregnant. She's gotten out the door a few times (running out when we go in and out) so it's possible. I'm not going to think about that

I had two sugar gliders neutered too and they are both doing well too so other than Jolie being sick it was a good day!
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Glad his neuter went well. And I would of died laughing if I'd a seen that as well! I bet that was hysterical to see.
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glad to hear all went well,
that is a cute story!!!
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