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Fuzzi---too cute!!

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This is my brother's cat Fuzzi, I think shes about a year old, maybe? He emailed me these pics and I just had to share them They are too cute!!

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What a sweetie! And she puts up with the jacket - adorable!
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awe that is just too cute
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Simply adorable!
Wish my cat would wear cute outfits...
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Awwwwww Isn't she gorgeous in her hoodie
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yep, you are right, too cute - cool jacket too
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OMG that is a RIOT...My niece would love her taste in clothes She is adorable
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She is very cute, but I'm not sure that she is too happy with wearing the clothes.
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awwww great pictures! What a little cutie
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I wonder if those hoodies come in my size??

So cute!
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That is the cutest thing ever!!! Sure did make me smile!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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"Yo, waz happen' in the houz?"
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"fo shizzle my nizzle!" those are so cute, thanks for sharing!
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He's too cool! "Whazzup homey?"
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That's cute. She must have an awfully good temperment to put up with that! I would have bandaids all over if I tried to dress Bella.
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