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Max is such a ham.....

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OK I think I have the hang of this picture thing now. Here are some of my favorite "Max" pictures:

Whatcha eatin' ma?


Scratch my belly will ya?

5 more minutes Ma.. I just want to stay up long enough to watch Lettermen.

Isn't he such a ham?
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Aw, what a goodlookin' cat! His coloring reminds me of my Pearl. Thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful guy! Love the captions
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awe what a cutie pie I just loved the first photo ! U have such a cutie tho, and those eyes are gorgeous
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What a gorgeous little pumpkin he is
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Awww such a sweet guy! Great pictures.
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Love the one with the remote!
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Such a good lookin' man!!
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That first picture is so funny!
What a cutey though!
He looks like he`s full of character
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If he's ham, he's a yummy ADORABLE!!
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He's a gorgeous boy!
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Awwww what a handsome guy he is
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I betcha he could never get the TV control away from my wife; I sure can't!
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