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Chronic Diarrhea

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My Samuel (gray and white) has had chronic diarhhea for many months. I think I asked about it here a long time ago.

My vet and I finally decided it was because of stress after I found Bob (Siamese) and Bob moved in to stay. I keep a supply of diarrhea pills and when Samuel gets a bout of it, I give him a pill for a couple days and then he is fine.

I thought you would want to know what I figured out.

About 4 weeks ago, I was putting my meatloaf dish in the sink to soak it. I started to squirt a little soap in it to make the meatloaf come off easier. I have always done this! I love meatloaf and other things that stick to dishes. LOL

It struck me that this soapy water could cause diarrhea and I quit putting soap in dishes in the sink from that moment on. Samuel has not had diarrhea since.
I am hoping I hit the cause of his diarrhea and that my discovery could help someone else.
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Congratulations on (hopefully) finding the solution to Samuel's diarrhea. It certainly makes sense if he likes to investigate the dishes soaking in the sink. I hope this continues to work for you.
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I NEVER soak my dishes in the sink, for this very reason! My cats are in the habit of drinking their water out of soaking bowls/glasses/whatever - even though they always have 2 sources of water to drink from. I'm always having to remind my s/o to rinse out the dishes that are in the sink if he washes his hands in it. I also have to remind him to put the lid down on the toilet so they don't drink out of there (Yuck! ).

Thanks for the tip!

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