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The PARTY is in here!!

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Congratulations on making Alpha Cat !!!!!

today is your day to be
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Party? count me in!

congrads Cat!
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*boost* for Catarina, get your Alpha butt in here, girl!

[Edited by blue on 04-27-2001 at 01:40 AM]
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Congratulations Catarina!!!
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Congratulations , Catarina, on becoming an ALPHA CAT.
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Yea Catarina!!!!!

The Alpha Cat numbers continue to grow!!!

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Congrats on your special day. I won' be able to be at the party but I promise, I'll be there in spirit.

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OMG...Blue I finally found it!!! LOL Thank you and it's quite an honor to be one! LOL...what do alpha cats do anyway ??? LOL J/k Awwwwwww...very sweet I had congratulated Chuck and had a blob attack for the both of us over there! I didn't see my name I guess...how sweet of you to notice and thank you everyone!
:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:

Party time! teehee
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Catarina, you joined only one month ahea of me, so maybe I will be an Alpha one day. (Never did pledge Greek in college, but this sounds better. . . . . . . )
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Congrats Catarina!!!!!! We love you here, and glad you are an alpha now!!!!
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Congratulations on becoming an Alpha Cat! What else can I say, except Blob-O-Rama?

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Thanks again everyone...I see that we have a few more coming up...Katie...It appears you're next!

God Bless
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Catarina....WOOHOO congrats on becoming Alpha Cat
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Since we all obviously love a reason to PAR TAY !!! What is the best party you ever attended and how long did it last? As I have stated I was at Woodstock (not '99 the orignal in '69) It was an event!, but not the best PARTY I ever attended. That honor would have to fall on the party for the inaguration of Vice President Rockefeller and the simultaneous establishing of the former Chief Admiral of the Navy's residence as the official Vice Presidential Residence. (as if Nelson Rockefeller needed another place to live at the time!) This party lasted for thirteen days and nites, because the guest list was so extensive and included dignataries from all over the World. And, guess what, you and I, the taxpayers, picked up the bill. I know for a fact that the bill for fresh flower arrangements alone was over $65,000. I worked for the flower shops (Blackistone, Inc.) in Wash. D.C. that did the work. All this came on the heels of the Nixon adminisration and the whole Watergate embarrassment!
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Congrats !!!

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Hey, that's a great new thread Darlene!! Let's start it!
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Catarina77777; I tried to move my reply just before this one of yours to make it a new thread (which I should have done in the beginning) but obviously I don't know how to edit it or move it because the "powers that be" would not let me access it. What am I doing wrong? TLK
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Hi Darlene

The only way I know how to do it is to just click on "new thread" and start it again...I'm pretty sure you can't move what you've already written....but you can copy and paste it! LOL I would just drag my mouse over the text...when you're done making the whole thing blue you can hit CTRL C and when you get that new thread put your cursor in the body of the box and then hit CTRL V.... I love that for a thread! Groovy!
I'll be thinkin about that one! Later
Peace Out ....

[Edited by Catarina77777 on 04-28-2001 at 10:41 PM]
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That sounds like some party TLK! I would be happy to see those flowers - sounds like there were tons of them!
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WOOHOOOOO. That makes 3 of us now! Congratulations!!!!!
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