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~My NoNo definatly changed in shapes and it was the day BEFORE she had babies. I did not know it was a sign labor was near because I didnt thinks he was going to have them for at least another week. She showed NO signs of fixing to have babies. Was eating like a PIG same day she had them. No nesting signs, very active and was wrestling and fighting with her pal Oreo. Only difference I seen in her was she went from being a BLOB to looking like a Boa snake who had just eaten lol....Here is pics to show what I mean. She had babies the day AFTER she did the body change. Sounds like your babies are near.

NoNo went from this on Thursday

To this on Friday late in the day.

To this Saturday morning by 3/4 am.

So I would be preparing for babies at least within a few days. I think they get like that because all the babies are getting lined up and ready for their grand entrance haha~
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mom_2_3 : "Boa snake thats just eaten!"

Yes, thats it! I was trying to find the words to decsribe what she looked like and that's it Off to check on her now. Hope No no and the babies are doing well.
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i hope she has them soon for your sake lol Thats a good april fools!

mom_2_3, they are gorgeous i want the ginger one!!!
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Oh, Minxie...if she's doing the boa thing to that degree, I'd probably expect kittens by early tomorrow morning, I'd venture to guess.
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Olivia is sure getting large! I hope they come soon.

Is there any new yet?

annd happy easter!
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baby patrol checking in hows sweet Olivia this morning - has she brought us some Easter babies then
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She's fine...no Easter babies though. Has been licking her private parts profusely and I woke up this morning to noise under my bed...she was nesting underneath..trying to tear up the carpet!. She has a 5 star birthing suite available and she picks the 1ft of space under my bed! She was promptly removed from under the bed. And is now next to me (following me everywhere).
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i just relised your in the uk aswell.
sounds like shes getting closer and closer everytime you post lol. if there is a way that you can keep her from getting under the bed that would be great , just incase any problems arise.
In case she does have them under the bed , but a blanket under there so at least there is something under there for her.
im also a pregnant cat buddy . so if you have any problems im in the same time zone as you . just Pm me and i will be happy to help with any questions .
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Sounds like she is getting close! Can't wait to see the babies
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O,K. Olivia were are the babys... We want some babys... Minxie tell her we want to see the babys... LOL..
So nothing yet huh.. Me neither. Maybe by next Friday yeah.
hang in there girl..
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Originally Posted by tjwharton24 View Post
O,K. Olivia were are the babys... We want some babys... Minxie tell her we want to see the babys... LOL..
So nothing yet huh.. Me neither. Maybe by next Friday yeah.
hang in there girl..
I have passed on your comments to Olivia lol. Nothing to report still! Someone on TCS wisely told me a watched pot never boils...so Im trying not to watch lol
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Olivia still hasnt had her babies yet and Im so glad today wasnt they day as explained in my other thread.

I have just taken a few pics of her, all safe and well, and thought I'd share

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She is so pretty...Azella still pregnant too. so how did everything go at parents house.. was it a good visit?
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Hi Jenn - I see Azella & Olivia are in the same boat.

Thanks for asking about today. It was emotional. I was trying to hold back tears, but when you see my uncle, mum and dad crying (not in front of my aunt), it was so hard. My aunt was the strongest one out of us, can you believe. Please God bless her. She is so incredibly brave. Her diagnosis is not good at all. Anyway, dont want to talk too much about or I'll ball out in tears again.

As soon as Ive come home, Ive just engrossed myself in the cats and TCS.

Keep us posted re Azella! Any signs yet?
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She is so pretty! Can't wait to see how her babies turn out.
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wonderful photos of Olivia her babies are gonna be so sweet

So I see we are still pacing floors
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Olivia is so beautiful! She is going to have gorgeous babies
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Olivia is so beautiful! I know how hard waiting is but hopefully it won't be muck longer. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt; I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.

Hopefully, she will have her babies very soon; that will give you something to take your mind off of things for a while Sending you and Olivia peace and safe birthing vibes
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Wow, no babies yet, shes sure likes to keep everyone waiting. Well lets hope they come soon ! They are going to be SO cute! So what breed is Olivia or is she mixed?
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Thanks for all your well wishes guys!

Olivia's mum is persian pedigree. The dad they think has norweigian forest roots, but isnt a pedigree.
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Minxie, any signs of labor yet? Olivia is keeping us in suspense!!!
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Yesterday morning I thought there were signs...she went into to the nesting crate, looking exhasted and meowed if I went from her sight..she was also licking her private parts profusely. If i looked closely, i thought I could see a 'ripple' effect like contractions) and even now and then her stomach would have a 'large' contraction. These were different to her usual breathing patterns.

But as there are still no signs of babies....I think that what I saw could have just been the babies kicking like mad.

Yes she is keeping us in suspense. Maybe today?

I have given up of reading up on the classic labour symptoms as SHE HAS HAD THEM ALL pretty much, except for a discharge (but she has done a LOT of licking in that area so I havent spotted a discharge).

Honestly, I am not looking for labour signs like a hypochondriac. Since I first posted this thread Olivia has been displaying 'im close to labour' or 'labour' symptoms on and off..which has put me on 'get ready' alert for days. Even the vet said she could be due from the first week of April.
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Where are the babies!?!?! Maybe in the morning........
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Just checking in...lol Come on Olivia, you can do it
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She's now very huge! And her belly is jumping all over the place. And wont leave me alone No sign of babies yet though...
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How much bigger is a cat going to get? She is starting to look like momof3rugratz cat called Skittles who had a record number of kittens last year!!

Here are two pics of her taken this morning - please excuse the quality its with a mobile phone camera (which reminds me...need to get my digital camera going for when its kitten time!)

I think today could be the day - but don't quote me on it

If by Monday/Tuesday the babies have not appeared, Im taking her to the vet for a check up as per my vet's advice.
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its hard to tell how big she looks there. still sending healthy delivery vibes.
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((((((pacing floors)))))))

umm......so we are still on baby patrol then eh

sending birthing ((((( vibes ))))) for this weekend..............

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Minxie, can you feel the babies jumping around quite a bit in there? Has Olivia gone off her food at all, or has she started to eat like there's no tomorrow? Behavioral changes? Have you taken her temp?
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Come on Olivia!!!
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