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Our future basset puppy's momma!

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Here's Momma Maybelle! Isn't she a pretty gal? Our breeder e-mailed me, and wonders if she goofed on Maybelle's due date...she's just sort of gotten huge really fast, and our breeder suspects she may whelp those puppies by the weekend. I'm so excited!!!!

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Do they have any expression but sad? Very cute!
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Awwwwwww good luck Maybelle you beautiful girl!
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Awww, she's really cute. I love bassets. We had two when I was growing up and they were so incredibly sweet.
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Aw I envy you!! We are wanting to get the kids one this Summer.You'll have to post pics of the pups!
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Basset Hounds are my favorite kind of dog! Someday after I retire I hope to add a Basset Puppy to our kitty family. I will name him Trigger and teach him to sing!
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Oh she has a lovely dark face. what a honey. cant tell from the photo. but is she a tri color? We are suckers for them..what with Athena being one and all
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Wait, there's a dog under all those wrinkles?!?!
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What a sweetie. It would be really neat to have an Easter puppy
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Yes, she's a tri-color basset. She has a pretty black thick stripe around the back of her neck. The sire is a mahogany and white basset...he's quite the handsome fellow too. She really is a lovely lady, and in that particular picture, you can see those puppies drooping and sagging all over the place!!! Poor Momma Maybelle doesn't look too terribly amused by the whole state of affairs, does she? She's had one other litter, and had 12 puppies!!!! Apparently she did an excellent job with her other babies...we are hoping that she produces some tri-colors, as that is the coloring we are interested in.

So far, no word on pups yets or signs of labor, so Maybelle's decided to keep those buns in the oven for a bit longer. I'll be sure to post pics once the pups have been whelped, and once we've chosen our special baby girl.
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WOW! She's gorgeous!! We have a tri-color basset named Scoobie! Her ears aren't as long as Maybelle's!
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We want to see LOTS of pics of the babies and of Mom too.
(I want a Basset!!!)
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