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recalled treats?

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were any cat treats recalled? i just bought some Purina Whisker lickin' moist cat treats and wanted to make sure they were safe.
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"Del Monte Pet Products Voluntarily Withdraws Specific Product Codes of Pet Treats and Wet Dog Food Products in the United States"

This is the only thing that I have seen, so far.

I think Pounce was the only cat treat, on there though. I did throw away all of Mari's that had wheat glutenin them, and I think most of mine did...just precaution.
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Are there any treats that don't have wheat gluten? I haven't been able to find any. They won't eat the healthy ones I got from mail order.
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Since the recall and from now on I am avoiding anything with wheat gluten in it. I also think it's a junk food filler to be avoided even when the recall is over. If you look around you're sure to find treats that don't contain wheat gluten such as Kitty Kaviar and other single protein snacks that you may find in smaller, independent pet supply stores. Freeze dried chicken or liver(easy on the liver to avoid feeding too much vitamin A) Wild Side salmon is good but I've only been able to find that on line and I don't bother ordering that anymore, too expensive. You can use plain dry cat food as treats or even a teaspoon of tuna from the can before you make your tuna sandwich or a piece of cooked chicken before you eat your chicken, rice and salad dinner. My cat Rosie appreciates a dollop of whipped cream once in a while.

IMHO a cat that is generously fed a good variety of cat foods doesn't need many treats. My cats are offered a variety of canned foods, Innova dry food and home prepared raw using the Feline Instincts formula and I've got Kitty Kaviar too. In addition I can't resist the urge to spoil Rosie because when I'm having cooked chicken for dinner she has to have some too and she will give a look if I don't give her some. And you should see how she acts if I have a dessert that has some whipped cream on it. I give in to her then too. So my kitties are not deprived of variety and flavor. Oh I forgot to mention my cats have had fillet mignon before served rare.

Hopes this gives you some ideas of what you can feed for treats that does not contain wheat gluten.
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