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Nikita Videos

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Hey, yep it's me again :p

I've uploaded a few videos of Nikita doing random things to youtube and figured I should share.

Here she is pulling the plug in my kitchen sink and being absolutely baffled watching the water drain away:

Here she is as a 6 month old kitten playing with a featherstick

While she's here just last weekend playing with a feather stick. Not changed very much really apart from getting bigger.

While in this clip here is filmed from my bed and shows my average sunday morning, snuggling? not so much, grinning like a loon and having fun? yep definately
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awesome videos!! such a smart kitty!! and beautiful!!
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I love it when Takoda carries around his feather toy! Great videos!
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Ha Ha Haaa! She`s crazy! What is she on?!
She is also really beautiful
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Such a beautiful kitty!!! and I love the back ground music. goes just great!!! I added another spinning kitty video to my forum so check it out!
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