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Last Season of The Sopranos!

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So the last season of The Sopranos starts on Sunday. Somehow, that seems a bit strange to me to have that show start on Easter Sunday.

Who else is looking forward to this last season?

Any guesses what will happen?

Earl thinks that Tony will end up, either voluntarily or not, being a witness for the feds. And we both think that something to do with the terrorism ties at the Bada Bing will come to the fore, since Christopher is totally oblivious about them. LOL
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I can't wait My Dad thinks Chris is going to turn against them all I haven't really thought about it myself...it should be interesting...I hate to see it end
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I will have to convince mom to tape it or find it online. I don't have HBO. I think Tony is going to die. I forget how it left off.
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I've never watched a single episode of this series. Usually mob-type shows and movies appeal to me, but there is one actress in that show that I just can't stand ever since having seen her on an episode of "Law and Order" (prior to that I'd never heard of her).

Lorraine something or other. Terrible actress and her voice drove me crazy
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Lorraine Bracco

I LOVE the Sopranos, however, I'm not caught up....we are currently in the middle of season 4 on DVD....by the time I fininsh, they will have these new episodes out on DVD.
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I love that show! It was creepy to see a big poster of Tony with "THE END." written across it. Did anybody else see the Vanity Fair cover?

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I am looking forward to it. I thought it was weird with it starting on Easter Sunday too.

I have no idea what is going to happen. You don't know with this show anyway, they leave so many loose ends open.

They can't kill them all off. Even though the HBO show is ending, they'll leave the door open to make a movie or something.

I work in New Jersey where they do a lot of the filming of the show. It is pretty cool. I also know people that, well lets just say they are just like the people in the show.

I'm looking forward to it.
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I've been ticked at them ever since they killed certain character who I won't name in case sofiecushion doesn't want to be spoiled. BTW, how do you hide text on this board? I tried making it white/lightblue, but you could still read it.

Anyways, I hope they all get whacked!
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