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A Re-Introduction

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Hi everyone!

About a year or so ago, I signed on here at the Cat Site, and posted my introduction. But b/c I was having problems logging on and trying to post anything (don't know why), I haven't posted much of anything. But now things seem to be straightened out, and I don't seem to have anymore problems So I thought I'd re-introduce myself...

Like everyone else here, I'm a major cat lover! I have 5 babies (cats): Maverick (aka Blabs - he's the talker of the bunch), Geronimo (aka Hooters - NOT of the female anatomy variety; he's just a hoot!), Winchester (aka Evil Knevil - he's the daredevil), Gabriel (aka Nubbins - he gets that "nubby" fur), and Spencer (aka Half-baked - he's not "all there"). They all have their nicknames, depending upon their 'purr'-sonalities!

Almost all my life, I've had cats. I can't imagine life w/o them! They provide sooooo much unconditional love, and as any cat lover can attest, are extremely amusing to be around; there's never a dull moment!

I just wanted to say hi to my fellow cat lovers, and re-introduce myself. I look forward to being a member of such a wonderful site, and I'm hoping I have no further problems!

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Re-Welcome to TCS! Hopefully we'll see you around more now
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Hi and welcome back
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Welcome back! your kids sound amazing. Please post photos if you can, would love to "meet" them all
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Welcome back - if you need any help finding your way around again just drop me a PM and I'll do what I can
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone, and I look forward to being a member! I have already learned alot, just by reading attachments & posted info. The knowledge is invaluable!

I'd love to post some pics, but unfortunately, I can't. I have WebTV for my internet service, and the capabililties are limited as opposed to having a regular computer. But my son & his wife took some pics of my babies while they were here visiting last month, and when they post the pics on their photobucket pages I should be able to copy & paste them onto this site. I'm gonna give it a shot, anyways! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to do so!

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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Welcome back!
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Hello and a warm welcome back to you and your fur-family

Well enjoy catching up and we are looking forward to seeing some photos of your kitties
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Welcome Back!

Its a shame we can't see your darling kitties, but I look forward to their pictures in the future.
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Hi again Y'all! A little more about my "kids"

First, there's Maverick (Blabs): he's the "peacemaker" of the clan. I adopted him from the local Humane Society: he was the "pet of the week", and I mainly decided to adopt him b/c he reminded me so much of another cat I once had, who I had to have put to sleep b/c he developed a brain tumor which was inoperable. Maverick is 12 yrs. old, and a beautiful black, long-furred cat, w/ gorgeous golden/green eyes. As I mentioned, he's the peacemaker, and is the most loving of the bunch. Whenever a stray comes to the door (I'm the "sucker" in the neighborhood who feeds them all!), Maverick will stand there and look at me, as if to say, "Let him in, Mommy! He/she needs a good home, too!" He loves to burrow under the blankets w/ me, and has provided plenty of comfort to me whenever I'm down.

Then there's Gabriel (Nubs): he's 11, and was also adopted from the Humane Society. He's long-furred too, only he's orange in color. w/ striped markings. He's the "hermit" of the family, and has a tendency to be "anti-social". He pretty much keeps to himself, but when he wants lovin', he knows where to find you! It has to be on HIS terms!:

Next comes Winchester (Evil Knevil). He was a stray who someone threw out of a car window, and a friend of mine from work found him and told me I could have him if I wanted him (she didn't want anymore cats, even though she's a cat purrson too). I named him Winchester 'cause he's such a pistol: his nickname was given to him b/c he used to be such a daredevil! But he's calmed down quite a bit since he's been neutered. He still has a little bit of devil about him, but in a good way! He's 2, and is a long-furred tan colored cat.

The 4th baby of the bunch is Geronimo (Hooters): HE adopted ME from the vet's office when I went to pick up Winchester after he got neutered. I decided to get him b/c we had just lost our puppy to Parvo a few weeks prior to taking Winchester in to get fixed: Gizmo (the puppy) and Winchester were "play-buddies", and after Gizmo died, Winchester was kinda lost w/o him. He needed a new play-buddy, and I thought Geronimo would be perfect for him. I wasn't wrong! Geronimo is the "little Johnny" of the cat world, or a "Dennis the Menace". He's got more spirit than a graveyard full of wandering ghosts! Hence the nickname Hooters: he's such a hoot! There's never a dull moment w/ him around! He's almost a year old, and is also all black - only w/ short fur.

Last, but not least, comes Spencer (Half-Baked): he's the baby of the bunch, and my s/o brought him home one day from work b/c the co-workers & customers at his work-place were abusive towards him. He acquired his nickname b/c he's a can or two short of a six-pack, and he looks as if he's not "all put together". He's mostly all black, w/ the exception of one white whisker, one white toe, and a patch of white on his chest. It looks as if someone came along w/ a paintbrush full of white paint and just threw some on him!! But even though he's not the brightest crayon in the box, he's as sweet as can be and we love him. I'm not sure how old he is, but I reckon he's about 8 months old or so.

I also have other "adopted" outside babies (strays) too, who are "wild" and too scared to get too close (although one of them will come onto the porch while I'm putting out food, and will occasionally allow me the privilege of petting him/her!). I feed and take care of them as best as I can. One of the strays is pregant, so I reckon I'll have more mouths to feed before too long!

That's my introduction to the family. I will post some pics as soon as possible!

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Welcome, glad you got the problems figured out.
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Welcome back!
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Hi Welcome back

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Hi and welcome back! Glad you rejoined us!
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Hi! Welcome back! I haven't been on the site too long. But I am addicted!!! I love everyone here!!! See ya around the forums!!
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Hello and welcome back!!!
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Hello! Glad to see you again!
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)
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Welcome KittKatt and "Little" Family

to TheCatSite (again)! We hope you will have smooth surfing from here on in, and that you and your fabulous five will visit the forums frequently -- you've definitely come to the right place. All nine of us are rescued, indoors only, "speutered", and the lights of our Meowmy's life. She would agree with you on all counts, and looks forward to seeing pix if you wouldn't mind sharing!
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