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Brady has indeed settled in!

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It has been a long road and that is why I wanted to post these pictures.
Some of you know Brady's story (and if not it is not big deal) and can appreciate what these pictures mean.
Actually he was renamed "Brady II" when we realized that he was not the cat I adopted.
At any rate he seems bomb-proof now. They say ferals never adapt? Boy this cat certainly has. The dogs can jump over him, DH and I can practically trip over him, he meows at the treat cabinet, walks in front of my monitor when I am on the computer (actually DH took a picture of him on his desk, I'll have to post that too sometime).
But Brady II and the dogs are a happy family now.

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Yay! Brady pics!

I love the one of the three of them together. You would NEVER know he was once a very scared feral by looking at these pics! Ahhh, the wonder of

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Wow! He was feral??? That really is amazing.
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Looks like one big happy family
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Beautiful fur-family
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That's great! I'm so happy he's adjusted so well (and so quickly it seems)! Our 2 cats don't even get along as well as your dogs and your feral! Great job!

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Great pix! Glad he is doing well.
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I'll move them to pet pics in the cats and other animals forum
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What a handsome boy. I don't know his background, but he seems to fit right in
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It's lovely to see some photos of Brady (or should I say Brady II, I do remember that particular thread well).

He looks as if he's taken to life as a cossetted and beloved pet like a pro
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He looks quite comfortable in these pictures. I am glad for you that everything has now settled down.
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Beautiful dogs! I'm glad he settled down.
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o my what gorgeous fur kids u have there, and I am so glad brady has settled in, they are all such cuties
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Thank you.
And I'll say it again and again, I got so much great advice and moral support (ok and maybe a kick in the rear when I needed it) so that this story had at least a partial happy ending.
TCS is the greatest!!
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