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Where did my spring time go?

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Goodness sakes!! It has turned cold and they are calling for *S* tomorrow!!

Last I checked it was spring time!! Anyone else having a cold snap??

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Yup, we're having one here. It's been in the upper 30's, low 40's, and we're having alittle bit of S right now. Not much, just a dusting.
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unfortunatley the colds here as well ! I went to work with my mom today and nearly froze it was so cold And they are also calling for snow here Yesterday it was 79 degrees, and now its in the 40's and the wind is WICKED here! So the wind chill is making it seem even colder but come tomarrow and so on its supposed to be in the 30's
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It is snowing heavily here right now. The trees are already covered. They said only 1-3 inches, but if this keeps up, there will be more than that.
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Yup... last week we were in the 80s... today its like 4* with snow flurries!!
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Same here, it was high 70's yesterday and today it's in the 40's
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Cold here, too. Monday the temp was 81*; when I got up this morning the wind chill was 14*! No snow in the forecast, thankfully. altho' one of our biggest snowfalls on record came on Easter Sunday years ago. Maybe I'd better keep my mouth shut! The wind is fierce, too, gusts up to 40 mph from the northwest. Ugh. The dogwood tree in my back yard is blooming, and the temp is supposed to be in the 20s tonight.
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It's 30 degrees here...and I saw some snow flurries eariler today. It isn't fair!!! I'm so ready for spring!
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Ok now it's turned to sleet and there is slush everywhere.

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It's been cold here, too, right at freezing every night.
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The wind gusts are the biggest drawback. Actually had snow flurries this afternoon but they said the upper penninsula of MI had a blizzard, (10 in.), so it could always be worse.
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My thermometer hit 85 degrees (F) yesterday and I woke up to 28 (F) this morning. I want spring back too!!
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heeh looking out the office window i would say we have 1/2 inch of snow
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