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No wonder he coped an attitude. There's no way that sweet, handsome little boy could have BO except for some fishy breath maybe. I'm sure he thought the whole thing was a waste of his time. Thats okay Orion, even an attitude from you is precious.
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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LOL...well it's not actually to put on him. It's just natural stuff that you can spray around areas that need it (like his litter) and is not harmful to them. Sorry bad wording on my part there
He definitely doesn't have BO and doesn't like fish flavoured food so no fishy breath either...lol
I love the fact he has an attitude...main reason I chose him over the other kitten
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Gotta love a cat with an attitude... so much fun!!!
At the moment Ash is our "attitude" cat... if you upset him.. beware... he will stomp past you and swat your feet... then he'll give you a filthy look, rais his tail and prance off.... and if you happen to be sitting down, expect some cat butt in your face! :laughing:
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Louise!!! What great pictures!!! Sorry I didn't get back here sooner to see how it went! Glad it went well! Hugs to you and Orion!!!!
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LOL yep I love the ones with an attitude
Cat butt in the face...yep sounds familiar...hehe

Thanks Debby
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