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Well of course Orion's favourite judge was the CANADIAN judge......why would someone doubt that?

Glad your first experience was a positive and memorable one!
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Laurie that must have taken forever to download LMAOA!
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Well of course Orion's favourite judge was the CANADIAN judge......why would someone doubt that?

Glad your first experience was a positive and memorable one!
Ah Kassy mate you wait till Louise tells you about it all heheheh!
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Russian Blue...I agree. I mean, why would anyone think otherwise?

Great pics! Cute kitties!
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LOL...I'd better explain what happened with that judge...

The steward got Orion out of his cage, put him down on the table and he was ok. The judge (Karen) started to look him over and then tilted his head upwards. Someone had turned on a ceiling fan that was all wobbly and noisy. Orion must have seen this and it spooked him I guess, because he FREAKED!! Karen tried to head back over to his cage with him because she could see he'd been spooked, and didn't make it. He twisted and kicked and she had to put him on the ground but still had hold of him. All he wanted to do was run away so he screamed and yowled the whole hall down. Karen and the steward got him back into his cage but not without him drawing some blood from her!
Karen stood there at the table in shock and shaking. She said that was so unlike a russian and was trying to figure out what on earth had happened. She said that he definitely wasn't trying to attack her but just trying to get away and run. Someone noticed the ceiling fan and commented on it and it was decided that it must have spooked him.
Karen came up and talked to us once she'd completed judging the last cat and said that he would have been her top cat if that didn't happen. She insisted that it was fine though and not his fault and said that she just couldn't leave him out of her top group, so she still gave him 3rd in her Top 5. That was great of Karen to do that considering what had happened and she is obviously a very good judge who understands and cares for the cat.
Poor Orion remained cranky, growling and hissing from that point onwards though. We just kept giving him lots of cuddles and talking to him, but he just wasn't happy at all.
At home though he's back to his normal smoochy purring self again, so we're glad he's ok now.
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Poor Orion! Great pics Bundy - How dare that judge insult Tat's coat!

Of course the Canadian judge was kind and understanding. Canada is filled with the kind and understanding sort! There should be more of us in charge - the world would be a better place (LOL).
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I can just see it now....all the RCMP's running around the world on horseback saving lives.

:tounge2: :tounge2:

Yeah, even though half the world just lumps us in with the States, we are a unique breed.

When I was in Europe there were a pile of Aussies on my bus tour. They kept calling me an American, I kept correcting them, telling them I'm CANADIAN.

They only stopped when I started calling all of them Kiwis!

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Well, we're fellow Americans, as my geography teacher kept reminding us, along with everyone in North and South America, but we are proud to have you as very good neighbors, independent neighbors. My geography teacher is not going to change long standing habits, though, is she?
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Bundy, the pics are great!!! I wanna come next time!! Can you pick me up on the way?!!?!??! :laughing2
Poor Orion!!! Poor Judge!! hahaha!! I'm glad Orion has gotton over his "kitty fit" now though!
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Ok my turn to bombard with show photos...lol
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having a walk and look around out of his cage...
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let me out mum...
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being judged...
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more judging...
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liked the feathers...
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relaxing in his cage
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last one...lol
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Oh and Leslie...I love your new signature picture...looks really good
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What a beautifu...ummmm handsome kitty Orion is!!
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Orion is extremely handsome. Its easy to see why he won so many ribbons. Even grumpy he's handsome.

Tatyana is such a lovely little girl. I had to laugh at some of the pics. She actually seemed to be bored with the whole thing like ho hum I know I'm gorgeous and amazing now hurry up and let me go. I've places to go and people to meet. I'm happy that she got lots of ribbons too. And I also love your new signiture picture.
Hugs, Dee
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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Orion is just SOOO gorgeous!!! Adorable!!
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Orion looks so relaxed with the judges. It's no wonder they loved him, even if he did draw blood on one. He is, as always, a stunning kitty.
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One of the pictures we had developed is of Orion with his first ribbons, so thought I'd better add it to this post...
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Good for you, Orion!
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Hee hee!! Orion in all his glory!!! Doesn't seem to impressed with it all though does he?!!?
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I was just going to say that Rhea! He looks like what Dee said about Tatyana - "Ho hum, I know I'm gorgeous. I don't need no stinking ribbons to tell me that!" :laughing2:
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:laughing2 ... well, they do say great minds think alike!!
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He didn't like the cat show so I guess he's thinking..."I went through that for these stupid things? Can't even eat them!" LOL
He and Draco have taste-tested the ribbons and decided they're not much good for that.
He did get some free cat food, cat milk, kitty deodorant and litter samples though, so it wasn't all bad for him
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