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Please Wish Us Luck!

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Hi Everyone

Louise, Orion, Tatyana and Yours Truly are entering our very first cat show tomorrow!!!!!!!.

It is a 2 day show held here in Canberra and both our furbabies are entered in all 4 rings (Eeeeeek)

Louise and I are so nervous and excited, but Orion and Tatyana seem fine LOL!

We will no doubt be taking lot's of photos to share with you all. Think of us over the weekend.

We will be back with a thousand new posts yeah!!!!

Love and big hugs to you all.
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I'm not nervous at all...honest...

:confused2 :paranoid2 :paranoid3 :disturbed

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Good luck to all of you! And yes, we do expect lots of pics from you two.
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Good luck and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your first show!
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Good Luck! I can't wait to know how it goes.
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Thanks everyone
It should be an interesting experience and I'm sure we'll have fun there.
Oh don't worry, between myself, Leslie and Lee there will be STACKS of photos...be prepared for a bombardment...LOL
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Good luck to all of you! Just follow the example set by Tatyana and Orion - when things get stressful - have a nap!
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Leslie, I'm late again, but my thoughts are with all of you. Most important - have fun!!!!!!!

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Good luck on your first show! I hope you win lots of big ribbons! By the way I have a great idea about our cats at work project! It's called F.A.B. Felines at Bussinesses. Do you think that's a good name? Even if we just put fliers around at places bussiness people visit like office supply stores and such, it would at least get the idea out. I can't wait to see pics of your babies at the show! Again GOOD LUCK !

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Hope to hear all the details, how exciting.

I've only been to one cat show. We picked Nakita up there and I saw some of the cats being judged. Very interesting.

Fingers crossed for the both of you!

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Hey - are Orion and Tatyana competing against each other? Oh no - who do we vote for? If one beats the other, there may go their budding romance!
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I am late with this, but I really hope the show went well!!
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Hope the show went well. I'm sure Tatyana took it all in stride. Am back now. My printer is working and you will be hearing all my news. I can now print your pictures. Kiss the furkids for me. Blessed Be.
Love & Hugs,
Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady, Sammy & Sassy Bear
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Yeah hope it went okay and you come back with a rosette or 3 I bet you were doting over all those over cats, I know I would be if Suki was taken to a cat show, unfortunatly she'd be too frighten.
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Oh wow! How exciting!!!! Well...it's sunday. Hope everything went well!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
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So your going to a show? Kinda like the first day of a new school year! Bittersweet. So tell us all about it!!!!

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Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!

We are back. Exhausted and very proud of our pussy cats!!!

I will post a new thread with the photos so the Louise can post hers there as well! Look for all the great news and thank you all for your support. As always you are all so wonderful!!!

Fur Hug's and Fishy Kisses

The A Team!!!
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Oh I am so excited about hearing how it went.....
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Yep we're back and our furbabies did very well indeed for their first shows!
They were both competing in different groups, so still friends...lol
Our pictures were taken on a normal film camera and should be developed and scanned in a few days time...then look out!!

A run down of Orion's ribbons...
3 ribbons for Top 5
3 ribbons for Top 10
4 ribbons for Best in Breed
4 ribbons for his Challenge (meets breed standard)

For each of the Challenge ribbons he got 11 points, so he has 44 points towards his first sash of Champion level (60 points).

One of the judges also gave him her Judge's Award, which was great!
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Louise you must be so proud! Can't wait for the pics with all those ribbons...if Orion hasn't chewed them to shreds yet. LOL He wouldn't do that, would he?
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Good job Orion - mamma is going to have to build you a trophy case!
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WOW! That is very good!
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A big Congratulations to Orion, Louise and Lee (who fast became the official photographer at the show) :tounge2:

I was so proud of Orion and can't wait to see you all at the next show! (Hmmmmm When is that by the way?)

Okay Tatyana's results were fantastic for a kitten that didn't have a coat that pleased some! LOL!!!

Tatyana's ribbons -
1 Ribbon for Top 5
2 Ribbons for Top 10
4 ribbons for Best in Breed
4 Ribbons for Best in Section
And a judges Award also from the Judge that was the one that said she didn't place her because of her coat (SHOCK.

Okay I am going to post pictures here as this will keep it all together!

This was her cage! She was very well behaved and slept most of the time! Looked so cute curled up in satin lol!
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Not too bad for a kitten's first time! Tatyana looks like she belongs on satin. LOL So you don't have a satin kitten bed for her at home? For shame...

Congratulation Leslie and Tatyana!! You girls done good!
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Blue satin..there's a cattery name we didn't think of! She looks cute as can be.
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LMAO Okay okay!!!!!!!! here are the pictures!!!!! (Heaps heheheh)

Pete, yours truly and Tat inbetween judging!

Part of the Show hall!

Judge Molly having a good look!

Teaching her how to fly!

Not happy with her coat!
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The German Judge!

She kept laughing at the looks Tatyana was giving her!

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This Judge seemed to like her a lot, she also kept laughing a Tat! and said she was lovely!

Tatyana was asleep when they got her for this table so we didn't have much luck with her playing!!

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The Canadian Judge! This one was Orions favourite hehehe!!!

Tatyana after the show! She woke up aroun 12.30am and then decided it was playtime!

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Great Pics!

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