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Weight Loss Support for the Humans

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Well, I know I mentioned this in one of the other threads awhile back and someone said they thought it was a good idea... so.. hopefully I'm not duplicating a thread by posting this one, but...

For anyone who would like to get on board the weight loss support thread.. join up! Feel free to post your trials, errors, weight lost so far.. recipes, failures, successes, next goal..

I'll go ahead and post my current state:

I joined WeightWatchers (program provided during working hours at my job)..

They state that I should lose about 100 pounds. Your first goal is supposed to be 10 percent of your total weight. So, my first goal is 25 pounds.

I really slacked off the first week. This is the first real day I've been keeping track of anything. The only thing I really did was drink the recommended amount of water that I was supposed to be drinking. That contributed to a 3.6 pound weight loss though, all water weight, I'm sure.

I'll post my starting weight.. you all don't have to do that.. I am just not at all embarrassed by it, as.. I figure I look like what I look like whether I'm 300 pounds or 150.. the actual number doesn't really matter to me. SO, on that note, I started at 258.8 pounds. I lost 3.6 pounds this week (cya, water bloat)... and I'm currently down to 255.2.

If anyone wants, I can start up a chart, and hopefully keep tallys. I'll do my best to keep everything up to date on it, so we have a "totals" to keep everyone motivated.
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I will join you! I have 18 pounds to lose to reach 124. That is what they recommend for my height and frame. And I was just informed that I have elevated cholesterol and low potassium so I have to do some thing now. I did WW for a while and lost some weight. But I am going to go to a mostly veggie diet.
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I'm on the weightloss ban wagon myself. Actually, I am a mod on a woman's only weightloss forum. It's a small community right now, but that helps because everyone really supports eachother.

If anyone is interested, you can PM me and I'll post the site for yah to take a look at. http://whyweight.proboards84.com/index.cgi
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I just went to my second WW meeting today - I want to lose 80 pounds, both for health and self esteem reasons. I am following the points plan. My company reimburses me $50 for every 10 consecutive meetings that I attend.
I lost 5.6 lbs. this past week. Unfortunately, I actually weighed 5 lbs. more than I thought I did...1st I saw 5.6 lbs. then I saw today's weight and I said"what is this?" Then I looked at my weight from my first weigh in - 6 lbs. more than I had read lst week- a 6 is not a 1! So, in my mind, I only lost .6 lbs.
Better luck next week!
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I'm also doing Weight Watchers. I have been for about a year and a half. (I started August 31, 2005.) I started at 269.4, and I'm down to 203.6. My goal is to get to 155, but I'd be happy with 160. The last half is proving to be much more difficult than the first half...at least in part because I'm finding it harder to stay focused. I could definitely use all the support I can get!
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I think I'm going to try to just add one more "healthy" habit per week. Last week was the upping my water intake. This week, it'll be trying to watch points. We'll see, I suppose. This week is my second meeting.

Good for you, Phenomsmom! Veggies should help all the way around. Good luck!

Inb, the difference my be clothing.. or at that amount, even water weight. Actually, it could simply be the difference in the scales. Keep your chin up! As our meeting leader said.. just keep in mind that today is the last day you'll be the weight, no matter what it is. And, you still lost! .6 is almost a whole pound (it's over halfway!).

Tari, congrats on the 60 pounds to date! After that much success, I'm sure it's hard to slow down. But, if you've done it this long, I have faith that you can keep up the good work even when it becomes trying at times. Chin up!

Hehe, I have to keep my chin up or I have two. And *that* is one of the major reasons I want to lose weight. Go figure. Besides wanting to be fit again.. my double chin is my motivation, lol. I'm totally not self-concious, and half the time I don't even see myself as being overweight or fat.
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Okay. I'd like to participate, too. I've resisted the "group approach" for years, because of a meeting I attended once long ago. It was a twelve-step program for weight loss, and part of the ritual they used was requiring you to make the statement, "Abstinence from food is the most important thing in my life today."

Well, I couldn't say that then, at 20 pounds overweight, and I can't say it now, even at... heaven help me... 100 pounds overweight. The most important thing in my life today is the well-being of my loved ones, not whether I can wear spandex or not!

Having said that, however... I do want to live a good long time, and if I don't lose weight and get my diabetes under control, I won't. I'm already having chest pains, for heaven's sake. That scares me silly -- and with no insurance, I can't even afford to go find out how scared I should be.

So...I weigh 229 at the moment. In the past couple of weeks, my mom and I have cut 'way back on our visits to a certain Italian restaurant we were hitting three times a week -- and when we do go there, I've been getting salad and bread instead of Fettucine Alfredo. So that's a start.

I can't believe I told my weight. Will I really have the courage to hit "Post Reply?" Let's find out: three... two... one...
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I'll join in - but i'm not ready to actually start 'weight watchers'. right now in my life i need to get my emotions under control and just trying to eat something! (i'm still sick)

I am 60 pounds overweight at 183. it sucks, i hate it, life should never get in the way but it DOES.
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I've been a very bad girl this year and gained 8 pounds...I WAS at my ideal weight of 120, and then I stopped exercising and my appetite came back with avengence, and I got busy and was eating junk...ick! Not that I NEED to lose weight, but I don't want to hit the 10 mark, then the 15, thn the 20 and make my naughty habits into nasty, uncontrollable ones.

I just need to get myself in shape. I don't feel as good as I did when I was closely monitoring my diet and exercising 5 times a week. I'm not getting as good nutrition or sleeping as well It'[s too bad having a good diet and exercising takes up so much time. THey tell us we need to eat well and exercise, but who has the extra 2 hours in a day to cook a meal and go for a jog?

TOmorrow morning, 4/5/07, I will wake up at 7AM and go for a 30 minute jog, do 50 crunches and stretch!
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I've lost about 10lbs so far. I've been tracking my calories on www.sparkpeople.com although for the past week and a half I haven't done it, and haven't been eating AS well...better than I have been in the past, but not as well

I'm still about 20lbs away from my goal.
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This is a thread I need to join in on too. I have gained about 20lbs since my wedding in July. My clothes barely fit. I have not been on a scale in about 2 months so I don't know my exact weight.

I have a goal of losing at least 15lbs in the next 3 months. My wedding photographer wants to do a trash the dress shoot with me this summer. I no longer fit into my dress.


My first goal is to get back into the gym at least 3 times a week starting next week. Will keep you posted.
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I have gained 30 pounds since school started 2, almost 3 years ago! I need to lose that weight, but I just hadn't been as focused on it as I should have been. I am going to start the gym tomorrow (hopefully!) and I have been trying to eat a little better. I need a little self esteem boost after my break up and I love when I am skinnier. I currently weigh 187 pounds, but I am 5'8" so my ideal weight is 165 (top part of the range). I want to get back to 155 (my mom thought that I looked sickly at that weight, but everyone else thought I looked good--including myself!). I try to emphasize the exercise portion of my weight loss plan because I seem to eat somewhat healthily.
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You know, I know a few here have a smaller amount to lose, and some of us :cough: have a lot more to lose.. but the point here is to keep yourself (and hopefully everyone else here motivated).. so, while I'm sort of halfheartedly actually attempting the "weight watchers" method, mostly what I'm doing is simply going every week because getting on that scale and having one person know that I slacked off might be enough to get me to at least watch calories.

If each of us takes one step a week in the right direction, it's good for making the change, right? I'm hoping this theory works, anyway, cause.. I gotta lotta steps, No matter how you look at it, how much you have to lose, it all takes motivation. Hopefully.. we'll be motivated since we're keeping a thread going about it.

Today, I did well. Tonight, I snacked on these dratted girl scout cookies. Only had three of them and I'm not even a cookie eater.. but.. I'm sure that was enough to toss my points off the board. Oh, well, tomorrow I'll do better. Speaking of which, I need to go drink another glass of water.

I so need to get back on the exercise track, but.. that's one of those future steps ... as I glance at the treadmill in the middle of my dining room that isn't even set up properly.. but, hey.. it's there in place of the table.. do I get to count that as a step?

Good luck everyone! And don't let yourself get discouraged!
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I need to get on here too. I started Weight Watchers at work, but I've had some problems, and got off track. First of all, I don't feel real supported by my co-workers - there is a competition for "biggest loser" and some try and sidetrack others. What's the point in that? Also, I kind of feel like my leader doesn't really care except if I pay my check. And I can't exercise either, and that's a big part of it.

Anyway, I got all depressed because of chronic pain and stopped going, but now I found out I get to get a new hip and I will be able to walk then so things are looking up. I've lost 9 pounds, but need to lose about 50 more, but that's eventually. I like the idea of adding healthy habits!
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losing weight is hard, and at time very hard. As many here may already know.
i busted my back, after i gained alot of weight iwnt up to well over 300, i needed to learn to change my eating my habits. Since working out like i used to was no longer a choice i really had to watch what i was eatting.

lol before i would eat a large pizza alone,i could do that before getting hurt, now i just have to live with 1 or 2 slices. now its water vs milk or coke.
i started swimming, Its taken over a year to get where i am now, i still have more to go, But you can do it, its not always easy, but u can do it.

oh i am 224 pounds as of this morning. only 24 more to go, i have lost about 150 pounds. I guess at 224 and 6 foot 3 that sounds normal, but i want to get back to 200.

just keep at it.
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One of my goals is to eat just a little bit less. I have a tendency to eat things that are mostly healthy and well-balanced, I just eat them in large quantities. Sure, it'll take me longer to put on weight, but it'll still happen if I'm consuming more calories than I expend, whether I eat a Big Mac or a truck load of spinach.

Today, I had: 2 pieces of toast with vegan soy "butter" for breakfast. Lunch number 1 was a veggie burrito bowl at Chipotle...with white rice, black beans, peppers, onions, mild salsa, hot sauce , guacamole (I'm also going to have to get over my avocado addiction...too much of a good thing right now) and lettuce. Lunch 2 was a bowl of Tom Yam Vegetable Soup at the Thai place by school...basically hot and sour broth with steamed veggies (I know, I know, but you never turn down a luncheon with colleauges in my business) and dinner was Tuscan bean soup (canned tomatoes, water, boiled cabbage and white kidney beans) with bread and olive oil with grated cheese.

Not bad stuff, but it was A LOT of food. And I didn't even feel stuffed. That, to me, indicates a problem. When I was working out a lot, I wasn't as hungry. Which seems totally backwards! The only exercise I get now is walking to and from class and to the train to get where I work (and while running errands). I'd estimate 3-4 miles a day. There also isn't any cardio or strength or flexibility in there to balance low-impact walking. And my muscles have been ACHING lately, probably because I have't been active enough and have spent too much time sitting in a chair!

I tend to also forget about liquid calories. I try to only have tea and water, but I love tomato juice and V8 which aren't cola or anything, but they have a lot of sodium and stil DO contain calories. And I drink A LOT of veggie juice.

Diabetes and heart disease, as well as obesity, are rampant in my family. Hence me making a big deal out of 8 pounds at age 21. I just don't want to go down that path, you know?
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Kluchetta raised a good point -- for various reasons, some of us have a hard time getting exercise. In my case, I'm just afraid to, afraid it might trigger a heart attack... so I'm not willing to exercise very much until I get insured and checked out properly by a doctor.

But I know that the Pilates method of exercise was designed for people who have physical limitations, and I've often wondered whether it might be a safe option. Has anyone ever done Pilates?
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Kluchetta raised a good point -- for various reasons, some of us have a hard time getting exercise. In my case, I'm just afraid to, afraid it might trigger a heart attack... so I'm not willing to exercise very much until I get insured and checked out properly by a doctor.

But I know that the Pilates method of exercise was designed for people who have physical limitations, and I've often wondered whether it might be a safe option. Has anyone ever done Pilates?
I've done Pilates...you may actually want to try something lower impact, like yoga. Yoga is great because it increses circulation, helps flexibility (which will pave the way for future higher-impact workouts) and helps your breathing which will REALLY come in handy when you can get walking or biking or swimming or whatever. Pilates would be a next logical step AFTER yoga, when you're a little more nimble and used to holding poses. It's easier to ijure oneself just rushing in with Pilates...I'd suggest building up some flexibility and muscle control with yoga before moving on to Pilates
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carol, then just do stuff sitting down, very low weights, if there is gym near you with pool, join a low impact group that is done in the water. i was the only young person there, or middle aged i should say. but who cares i was there for myself.

maybe that would work for you, the important part is to get your body moving a little at first
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hey all,

i have been on SBD(South Beach Diet) since jan 24, 2007 I have lost 17 pounds. I also put my husband on it as well.He started march 12th. he has lost 12 pounds. I love it. the first 2 weeks sucked butt but i got through it. Now it's a walk in the park. I just got used to eating healthier. I eat whole grains, fruit,veggies, salad,and protein I still drink milk i eat chocochip cookies peanut Butter and jellie. I just look at labels. I was 145 at 5'4 now 126. i went from a size 12 to a size 8. http://www.southbeachdiet.com So i still have 11 pounds to go. And alot of azz toning thanks to my 4 kids
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Lionness, better to get a jump start on it now then let it get out of hand! Yay! I sincerely wish that I'd just nipped it in the bud (butt, hehe) when I started to gain but.. I didn't. I think the biggest thing for me is that I hate not being fit, like I used to be. My appearance doesn't really motivate me to lose, because I'm pretty confident in my appearance. Occasionally I'll look in a mirror and think, wow, you really do need to lose weight, but 95 percent of the time I look in the mirror and I don't see a fat person staring back at me. So, unfortunately for me, my appearance isn't a good motivator. Now.. there are a few men I'd like to lose weight for: Ralph Lauren (the brat started making plus sizes, though), Calvin Klein.. and a woman or two.. Donna Karen..

I've tried pilates. OOOOPH, they're really hard. I did see, however, a yoga dvd for overweight people, and seriously unflexible people. I think I might pick that one up, because.. either way.. the hardest thing is to be flexible around my own body, since I can't seem to get around my own body to do those poses.

Other possibilities that I've seen .. there used to be a show called sit and be fit... which was specifically designed for older people, people who are unable to excercise in the "normal" method.. it ran on cable but I have no idea if it's still on.

One of the suggestions I've heard about portion size is.. if you were to divide your plate into quarters, your meat should take up one quarter, a bread or something in the second quarter, and veggies should take up the other half. I'd also heard to start off eating the veggies first, then move on to the next lowest calorie thing.. Now, only if I practiced this..
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Yeah, my appearance doesn't motivate me...I don't think I look particuarly bad! Sure, there are girls my age that hem and haw over how "fat" they are...I'm not one of those girls. I just want to be healthy! According to my chart, healthy is 120 pounds (I'm 5' 5" and need to weigh that with a body fat percent of 18-22%)

If you've done Pilates before...great! I assumed it would be something new. However, Yoga is good for everyone, no matter what ize or health they're in. I love my Sun Salutations!
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I so totally can't wait until I can do yoga! Well, first I have to be able to tie my shoes. But I know I will get there!
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Ooh! I wanna join in on this too!
I've been on a "health journey" since Jan.
I started bit by bit changing to more natural food instead of enriched.
I actually got a lot of helpful tips from you guys awhile back.
Like Annie's Pasta and Krema Peanutbutter...
My goal weight is 125 and currently Im 136 so Im nearly there
though sometimes like lionessrampant, I eat a lil too much than I really need.
I just tell myself I'll burn it off on the treadmill.
But in the end it's not so much about "thiness" as it is being healthy for life!

Eat to Live!
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I need to join this thread too. Last year when I started my job I was 112 well since I have been working I put on 36 pounds. I now weigh 148. I know why I put it on too. I don't excersice as much as I should, in fact I don't at all. The only excersice I get is at work, sure Trader Joes is hard physical labor, I have put on alot of muscle but I also have put on a lot of fat. IT all comes from the fact tht food is available all day everyday. We have the demo stand, right in the middle of the store, every time i walk by it I grab some, no matter what it is. Then in the break room people just stick all kind of food on the table. There is everything, chips, dip, bread, candy, cake, all kinds of munchies. If someone wants to try something we open it and everyone gets some. I just can't stop myself. Half the time I get so full munching I don't even need to eat lunch but I still do because I feel like if I don't get real food I am not eating right. Even with all the munchies. Then my other problem is wine. Those who have shoped a Trader Joes will know what I mean. We have great deals on wine. I can get a good bottle fo $2.99 then add my discount and its less than 3 bucks a bottle. I hate to say it but I can drink a bottle night. My DH and I usually share one sometimes two everyday. Then there is the fast food. I work 2 or 3 nights aweek untill midnight or later. When I get off work I am starving and want food but don't want to cook so I stopp by Jack and the Box. I usually get 2 junior bacon cheesburgers. It all added up fast. So I know that is where the weight came from. I eat a ton of crud and don't excersise.
I went out and bought an excesise ball, I have used it a few times, when I did use it I felt good. I stopped because I was tired from work.
So heres what I plan on doing, no more munching at work, no matter how hard. If I need to munch, I'll grab and apple, we have fruit available at all times,I just nevergrab them because there are much tastier things available. I will start using my ball at least 3 times a week. I will walk to work, I only live about a mile and a half from work. I will also stop drinking every night, if I want to party I will do it once a week and no more. will also post here when I need some moral suport. I really want to lose the weight. I will be 30 at the end of the month and I know its harder to lose weight the older I get so I have to start now.

I am glad someone started this thread. I give a big You go girlto all those triing to lose weight. Heres to a new us and to new lives
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WOW! Already so much great advice, so many wonderful ideas! This is going to make a difference for us all, I think. Thank you, Heather, for starting this thread... and Lioness, Imp, your advice makes perfect sense to me. I really feel excited about this -- can it be that change is possible?
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
-- can it be that change is possible?

of course its is possible,If someone with busted back, that can no longer lift weights and do the normal gym stuff i used to do, can do it , then you can.
It is not easy, there is will lots of up and down times, but you can do it,

You can not do this for others, it has to be you, for your health, and to get your life back.

ok this is what i thought one day, when i looked in the mirror and saw this fat guy standing there, hey this is not me, where did i go, i cant keep living like this being stuck in the house, and scared to go out. i may be in pain, but that does not mean i stop living.

so yes you can do it,
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Karma, I know exactly what you're going through... cause TJ's gets me every time I get in there... that little demo stand *always* snags me. Combine that with a stop at Whole Foods who is also famous for "try this" tidbits..and who needs a lunch??? And 2 buck Chuck is great, lol.

There is also a catalog/website that has exercise videos.. and the people try *all* of them and then rate them according to how they think they are. It's a pretty good thing.. of course, I'm still getting them (and of course, they go straight into the recycle bin of late, I'm chagrined to admit) .. I don't recall the name, but I will think on it and then let you know. They're about average price and I've found that the ratings are about right, but I think I've always found everything I'm looking for in there. Let me do a websearch really fast. Here we go... it's http://www.collagevideo.com/

You can click on them, and most of them have a small video on the website so you can see bits and pieces of it. There are a ton of the "sit and be fit" excercise collection listed under specialty videos, and then health problems.. and you can do a search for videos that are rated to each level of fitness so it's nice because you can do a search on "beginner" and get back a list of things they think are the good starters.

Okay, everybody, have an awesome day! Do your best to keep on track today, and just remember, take it one day at a time! Everyone remember to drink *lots* of water (I've found that it really helps to flush out the weight loss).
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Oh, count me in!

I started Weight Watchers October 15, 2006 and weighed in at 224 lbs. I had been at a good weight for a while, then lost a lot of weight very rapidly due to ... well, due to poverty, actually. I had no money for food, and what little food I managed to get, my roommates stole from me. *shrug* So I lost a lot of weight, and when I was finally able to move out, get a job and start eating real food again, I gained it all back ... and then some. J (my fiance) and I started eating healthy foods, but our portions were way off, and it took a while for us to figure out why the heck we were gaining weight when we ate good things. We started WW together (on our anniversary, no less) and since then I've lost 31 lbs and J's lost close to 90 (why yes, I would like to smother him in his sleep, why do you ask? ).

I still don't trust myself with portion control, so we do the Flex plan with WW. The Core plan requires that you stop eating when you're satisfied, and sometimes I can't tell and keep eating until I'm stuffed. I'm also an emotional eater: I eat when I'm sad, angry or bored (most often when I'm bored). Since I only have a limited number of "Points" to eat every day, I'm a lot more conscious of what I eat and how much, and that's really helped. I've also started going to a gym (I really, really like my gym, too -- the people are great, the equipment is well-maintained, and the gym itself is a work of art, plus there are womens' only work-out studios and even a womens' only pool!); I'm pretty much at the point where I have to work out in order to continue losing weight.

According to my BMI, I should be around 125 lbs; even at my fittest, healthiest weight I still weighed more than that, so I don't believe that's a realistic weight for me. I'm aiming for 165 lbs, which is more reasonable, and when I get there I'll talk to my doctor; if she thinks I'm healthy and fit, that'll do for me. (Of course I'd love to be smaller, but I'm not going to set myself up for failure here. If, when I hit my current goal weight, I still am unhappy with my weight, I'll keep going, but if it's not possible, I'm not beating myself up about it.)

My biggest motivation for my weight loss is my health. My family has a history of high blood pressure, and I've lost loved ones to heart attacks (my mom had a heart attack in February 2005 and is in excellent shape today, but it was a real wake-up call for all of us), plus there's also a history of diabetes, breast cancer and other weight-related illnesses. Another motivation for me is my desire to actually be stylish -- and to stop paying a fortune on plus-sized clothing. I'd rather pay a fortune on clothes I feel attractive in, than on clothes I'm just using to camoflauge my weight. Oh, and shoes: I want dainty, pretty, feminine shoes. I want to be girly!
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Yes, that is definitely one thing I've noticed about being heavier.. I used to wear killer heels all the time... and now I can barely walk in them. I'm sure that's a combination of being out of shape, but also that I haven't worn them, but man, I have to say, my feet hurt *alot* more with the extra weight than they did when I was in better shape.
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