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Cat Show - Richmond - 21st

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Is anyone here going to be attending the cat show in Richmond, VA on the 21st? I'm going to try to go and it will be my first cat show to see, so I'm very excited. Just wondered if anyone from TCS would be there.
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You will have so much fun! Take your camera and watch the different judges! I saw the most beautiful cats - Abymummy was kind enough to suggest some cats to watch for at the show. What fun!!
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I am going to try and be there ...
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Is it a CFA show Paula? If it is, then pm me and I'll see which cats may be there that's worth looking out for!

Have fun!
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Originally Posted by gayef View Post
I am going to try and be there ...
Will you be showing any cats?

I'm very excited about going just to see all the beautiful cats
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Ha Ha!!!

There's a Zehnder Blue Aby that SHOULD be competing in this show - doing very well regionally and is in the top 25 nationally!

There's also a Tropikoons Maine Coon and a Purrinlot persian.

Can't recognise any of the other cattery names but I promise you, you'll have fun!

Just make sure you take a pic of the blue Aby for me please???
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If its CFA and I still lived in Maryland, I'd be showing Charlie there

Anyway, not sure if any of the DotDotDot oci's will be there. There are closer shows this section of the US for her to go to. But be on the look out for any of them too

If there are ocicats - be sure to get a picture
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I won't be showing, just going as a spectator but I will try to get pics if they let me!
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I only live about an hour and a half from there... is there a link for the show information? Oh, crud, I just remembered that I'm supposed to be in Philly that weekend. Nevermind, I was going to suggest a roadtrip from NoVa to Richmond and a small get together of some nature. Next time, I guess.
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The info. is on the CFA website.

Shame you can't come, a get-together would be great!
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Let me look into this - but I think I have plans that day. bummer!!
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I know there's one in Chantilly at some point, and that's right next door to me, hehe.
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Originally Posted by CatsAreBetter View Post
I know there's one in Chantilly at some point, and that's right next door to me, hehe.
I just looked it up - it appears to be in September. I will totally go then!
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Yeah, last time I went to that cat show... $300 in cat toys... although they were great and I just went to town stocking up. In fact, it was the show two years ago and I still have several of the toys from it. Now..with most cats, I'd say maybe that's not an accomplishment, but with my crew (excluding Noel, who is a I'll lie here and bat at it when it actually passes over my head and I can reach it type).. toys last three rounds of play. If you're like, maybe five. PetSmart toys.. there's been a number that were toast within 5 minutes of opening.
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As it turns out, I may be available to go to this show. I may not be going to Philly, but it's still up in the air so..I probably won't know until at least next weekend.
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im so glad i read this i had no idea! ill definately be there
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That's why I warn people to take a limited amount of money to the show and leave the CC and checkbook home The most I've spent "extra" was to buy one of the treehouses at the show - about $150-175. Most times, I'll pick up a few toys (limit to $20) and just enjoy looking at the cats waiting to take my cat up to the rings.
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Hehe, well, I do tend to pick up toys from the cat show mostly because they last a lot longer than the ones from petsmart. My three play fiends decimate petsmart toys in a matter of like 3 minutes... three minutes from open to trash can.
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Well, the weekend is fast approaching for the Richmond show. To those of you who are planning to attend ... would you like to meet up somewhere and say hello? Which day and at what time would suit everyone?
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I am still planning to attend on Saturday but I don't know what time. My bf has to work that day and doesn't know yet what time he will be off, but I'm guessing it will be later, like 1pm before I can get there. Hope I don't miss all the excitement I have never been to the place so I'm not familiar with the it at all regarding meeting places.
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As it turns out, I will be available that weekend. So, I'm going to try to make it. I have no idea where any of it is, I'm completely unfamiliar with Richmond. Not sure what time we'll get there either.
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Well, if anyone is interested in meeting up at the show, I plan on being there around mid-day, say 12:30 - 1:00 or so, and will be milling about the vendor tables - let's set a time of 1:15 to meet up back at the concession area. If you see some crazy woman running around shouting "TCS? TCS? Anyone from TCS here?" that would be me. *grin*
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Well darn, I'd like to be there just to see that! Hope you all have fun and can meet a few new friends.
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Anyone know where it is, how to get there...? Is there a website? My friend and I are probably going to drive down but we have no real information...I'm not even sure exactly how far Richmond is from us :ponders:
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It is at The Showplace ... 3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike. I just did a Mapquest from my home address and it gave me very precise directions on how to get there. Maybe you could try that ...
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Okay, got the directions... so everyone is meeting up at the concession stand roundabout 12/12:30?

Thanks for the addy, btw.
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Well, I had posted above that 1:15 was a good time for me because I am not going to even get there until sometime between 12 - 12:30, but if 12 - 12:30 suits you better, I can try to be there a little earlier. I just don't want to miss seeing anyone!
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As it turns out, I think I'm going to be running later. My sister is planning on going but says she can't be ready to leave by 10. So now I don't know what time we're getting there... I'll PM my phone number to anyone going.. just send me a PM if you're going to go...and I'll send you a PM gayef..

Ugh, all the best plans are laid to waste by family.
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Well I'm back already. Shame I wasn't there late enough to meet any of you but I was only able to go a short time because of my BF's work schedule

I did get a few pictures I'm going to post in Fur Pics now

Here's the link

I hope some of you others who went got pictures also. I wasn't able to take as many as I wanted.
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I am back home now too ... CatsAreBetter was just getting to the show hall right after I left and she did call me to see if I was still there, but ... *sigh* I had to go.

I am sorry I wasn't able to meet up with any of you guys this time around! Maybe next time!

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