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Happy Halloween!

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:witch: :bat [size="huge"]Happy Halloween to all of you! [/size] :bat :witch:

Mary Anne (hissy) has put together a lovely poem for you cat owners on Halloween:


"The Day is here- it has drawn Nigh...
The Time when Witches start to Fly..
The Night of Shrieks and Screams and Moans..
If you listen close.... Skeletons rattle their Bones.........

So all you Cat Lovers please hear my Warning..
Keep your kitties safe until comes the Morning...
If you don't Heed this Halloween Greeting
Scary objects, kitty might be Meeting...

So have a wonderful time with your friends
Eat the candy that seems never to end
And hug your children and kitties too
By the way I think you're all a Wonderful Crew!"


That sweet kitten is by Cozy Kitten aka Sue - you can see more of her sweet kittens on our postcards and if you still haven't sent a halloween card - now's your last chance!
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Thank you!

very cute!!!

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What a great poem!!!! Hissy you are so very talented!!!!

And Sue's kitties are adorable!!!!
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