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I got into an car accident...

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I got into an accident yesterday. It was totally my fault. No one was hurt or anything thank God!! I was going really slowly when it happened. I was shoulder checking and the vehicle infront of me stopped abrumptly and I was braking, but it just happened so quickly, I didn't break hard enough and I hit them.

The other vehicle was an SUV/Jeep looking vehicle and I was driving a mini van. Luckly, the other people had this huge sparetire attached to the back of their vehicle and I think that is what I bumped. They had no visable damage, but I hood was bent up and last night on my way to work, it acted up a little bit so I have to take it in to get checked out.

I'm just thankful everyone's ok.
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So glad you are everyone else are ok and no major damage to the car!
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That is scary...Thank God you and everyone else is okay
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So glad everyone was okay! It takes a toll on your nerves, though, doesn't it? I hope you went right home and snuggled a kitty.
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ooo heck I've done that - years ago now, but I remember the feeling

snuggle up with those kits glad you are all ok
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I was feeling SOOOOO horrible! I'd never been in an accident, either as the driver or passenger, so I was kind of clueless as to switching information and such. I still have to phone the couple and give them some info because I don't know where Dh put it but I was late to pick up my son from daycare and they were getting worried about me.

As minor an accident as it was, I still cried. I was horribly embarrassed and shaken.

I picked up my son from daycare and went straight home....everyone got lots of loves yesterday.
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OMG, can I relate to this. After an incredibly long run of being accident free, I also got into a fender bender this month. Like you, no one was hurt (except my pride cuz it was my fault) but my vehicle is a write off.
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I'm glad everyone was ok! It is so scary to be in any kind of accident, but I think that it's even worse when it's your fault because you feel guilty on top of everything else. I hope you get everything straightened out quickly.
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Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and words!

I'm hoping the other people didn't have any damage, so we won't have to report it to our insurance companies.
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If it's your first accident, reporting to your insurance shouldn't be a big deal and you'll get your car fixed. I've been in three accidents on the same insurance company and my rates only went up a little. I guess it depends on how big your deductible is to make it worth it.

My last accident was horrible.... I rear-ended a guy at a stop (kind of like you , but my foot slipped off the brake onto the accelerator, I slammed him HARD. My car was totaled. The accident before that, my car had other dents and scratches on it, and it came back from the shop detailed, with EVERYTHING fixed. I'm not sure they meant to do that, but I was very happy.

I'm glad no one was hurt... accidents stink!
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accidents DO stink. i've been in a couple fender benders, some my fault some insurance company puts the policy holder at fault every time and you have to go through an act of congress to get it changed.

glad you weren't hurt.
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The important thing is that nobody was hurt, but it does shake you up, doesn't it?
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Wow sweetie, thank goodness everyones ok!! I bet it was a very scary situation though.
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It's amazing how fast things like that happen! Glad no one was hurt.
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So glad you're ok!
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