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Herrig was a dog at the shelter where I volunteer. He came in in January.
He was only 7 months and he was a golden retriever/chow/shepherd mix.
We worked with him on his behavior and he was very naughty and this one lady worked with him on a gentle leader and said it worked wonders for him.
Come to find out, it didn't really do much for him. He wouldn't respond to food or anything when you told him "NO" .. he had an obsession with biting feet and that wasn't a good thing. I just don't think he was right in the head. and the owners who had him before never did anything with him and he was just out of control.

he had a great 4 months with us, though. Even though I wasn't really close with him, I still loved him. He was pts yesterday because he has became very aggressive. We tried our best to help him and he wouldn't respond to anything at all. He just didn't get it.
We gave him a can of canned food before he went to the vet to be pts. The lady who runs the shelter took him and she said he was biting at her face until the end. It's hard to see any of them go, but you cannot adopt out an aggressive animal. I told him I loved him and I tried to give him a hug but he got aggressive. You just can't save them all and it sucks so much. here's a picture of him.

Rest well, sweet Herrig. I am so very sorry we couldn't help you out but we tried our best.
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RIP Herrig.
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I do so know how you feel. I have been there and it is not a very happy place to be. My computer desktop has a picture of a cat that had aggression issues that i worked hard on fixing, only to have him PTS too.

There is a language that humans and our companion animals share. Sometimes there is one like Herrig here, who just cannot understand what we want enough to know anybetter. Im sure that he wanted to, he just couldnt ever possibly know what it was we, as humans, needed from him.

RIP good boy. we know you were only playing. we know that you cannot understand our rules. It was not your fault, it was ours. Maybe one day your example will save another faithful friend.
I hope that you play happily however you want to play over the bridge.
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Rest in Peace sweet boy. May you know only joy and happiness at the rainbow bridge.
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Oh that is just so sad, I just don't think that I could ever give up on an animal. I think that I would just hafta keep trying.

RIP Herrig
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Oh GOD! Herrig looks like two dogs we've got at the shelter here. That's so awful! I believe that he knew you all loved him.
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Oh how sad. RIP Herrig. Just know that you did everything you could.
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How sad.

RIP Herrig
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Oh my, that is so sad, and you wouldnt think that he was aggressive to look at his photo I wonder if too much x-breeding etc had caused the behaviour problems

RIP Sweet one, find my RB dog Roger, he will guide you around and play with you
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Poor baby, but he'll be as gentle as a mouse now over at the bridge

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rest in peace Herrig, i hope that now at the bridge you will find the peace you did not find here.

Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest. you did all you could do for him.
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RIP sweet Herrig. Play happy and be free.
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What a beauty. RIP dear safe and well over the Rainbow Bridge
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thank you all for your kind words. I wish he could have told us what was up with him. I hope he is happy and healthy again at the bridge from whatever was haunting him. I just can't stop thinking about him.
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Aw, poor Herrig! Rest peacefully, sweetie!
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That does suck. May Herrig RIP...and play happily at the bridge.
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