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crazy kitty

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Ok, I think I've asked this before and I'm sure someone else has asked this too, my cat is about 2 and half years old and he is crazy. Sometimes he will, out of no where, decide he doesn't like me. It's so wierd. I was outside this morning and he was looking out the window and then cawed at me and hissed, then I came in and he did the same thing. He was fine yesterday and even this morning when I woke up. Then I went for a run, came back, he didn't like me. I took a shower, got some cereal and then he decided to be my friend. Anyone have any ideas? Or is he just moody, is is neutered, so that couldn't be the issue. I just think he's moody. Who knows.

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When you are outside, you cease to be his mother, or even recognizable (which is mostly by smell, anyhow, and not so much facial). He sees you as being an intruder the way he sees strange cats out there, so when you first came in he treated you that way. Plus, you do smell different (to him) after being outside.
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I wonder if they also recognize voices. When I only had Palas after a couple weeks with him, he walked into the bathroom looking for me and caught me stepping out of the shower. I have very frizzy hair so when my hair is wet, it sticks to my head of course and I look completely different. When he saw me he about jumped out of his skin until I started talking to him saying "it's ok" then he settled down and kept me company until I was done.
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Huh, that's an interesting thought. I didn't even really realize that.

About the voice thing, I don't my cat really responds tomy voice when he's like that, he hisses at me when he's in those moods and I talk to him. So I just leave him alone. For a boy cat, he's such a girl.
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