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November "Spread The Mews" Contest

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Hey there Fellow Cat Lovers!

By now we hope you have had a chance to prowl on over to and join The Club! is right up your alley! Offering many tidbits and treats for you and your cats.

Purrhaps you would be interested in helping us Spread the Mews to all the cool cybercats you know. You can collar their interest by telling them about The Club...

But wait..... What's that you say? You aren't a member yet? If you are not a member yet, I will paws right now, while you make tracks to join.

Once you do, I will tell you about an Exciting contest coming your way..... Here, I will even make it easy for you - here is the link you need....

The Club

[size="large"]Ok, are you back? The contest "Spread the Mews" is geared toward you getting as many of your pals that you can, to join The Club.

We have purrfect purrizes for two lucky winners: The Deluxe Edition of Newton the Screensaver Kitty for the First Place Winner, and a wonderful Snugglekittie for the second place winner. [/size]

Newton the Screensaver Kitty has a very realistic meow that is guaranteed to drive your cats crazy, as they stake out this perplexing kitty who will now live inside your computer. He even has cyber-fleas! You don't have to scoop a litterbox, or feed him. He will just come out during the day and entertain himself when your computer is idle. He is delightfully different! Here look for yourself!

SnuggleKitty is .... A wonderful rescue tool for orphaned baby kitties. A comforting companion to a distressed, ill or nervous pet, or even something that will help a restless human baby sleep better! You can read about Snugglekitties unique features here:

[size="large"]The two TCS Forum members who get the most people to sign up will win the following! The First-Prize Winner will be awarded Newton the Screensaver Kitty and the Second Prize Winner will receive a Snugglekittie- (available in a choice of colors).

If you use the following sample email as a guideline when you email your friends, then you will be assured of getting the credit for the sign-up!

And please feel free to personalize this email in any way you would like!

Remember to tell them to add YOUR username from TCS to the form that will be provided to them once they are subscribed. Or else you will not get the credit![/size]

Sample Email for you to use (replace the words "YourUsername" with your actual username):


Hi there,

I need your help in a contest I am entering. I think this might interest you as well - but only if you want lots of cool stuff for your cat :-)

I am trying to get as many members as possible to sign up for a new online club for cat lovers - the Club. Members of the club enjoy monthly contests, coupons, freebies and lots more - all for FREE. With the Holidays coming soon. would be the purrfect place to find stocking stuffers for your purrballs.

As a member of the club, you will be the first one on the block to find out which cat merchant is running what special sale right before Christmas. Using as a launching pad for Holiday Shopping just makes good cents!

So please head there now and join their club from this URL: and help me at the same time for a chance to win a really cool prize!

When your subscription is confirmed, you will be asked to tell them who referred you and then please use my board name: YourUserName here. Also once you join, you can email your friends also.

Please help me by getting as many cat lovers as you know join the club and ask them to put down YourUserName as who referred you.

Thanks again!

Contest Rules

1. The wonderful Newton Interactive Deluxe Screensaver will be awarded to the TCS member whose username was mentioned most frequently by new club members.
Second-Runner-Up receives a wonderful fuzzy Snugglekittie for their very own!

2. Please do not spam anyone with your message. Make sure you email only people you know and who know you, and most importantly who love cats!

3. Your newly-recruited club members must remain members at least throughout November to count.

4. Each new club member that mentions your name will be counted once. If they unsubscribe and then subscribe again they are not counted twice.

5. You need to be a Club member yourself in order to participate. Your own subscription will not count in the contest.

6. Please do not spam The Club with fake emails - emails are checked for authenticity before they are subscribed to the club, but above all we are counting on your honesty and integrity.

7. Please have fun while doing this

See you at the Winners Circle! Contest ends November 30, 2002. It starts today!!!!

So come on, start littering the cyber highway with emails now and holler to your pals about joining up!
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Pleeeease reply from time to time people - I want to know what you think about the contests!
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bump- Happy Halloween Everyone!
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great idea BTW
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Thank you Ady- we hope it is a good idea. There are so many benefits to for the true cat lover. It seems to also be very well received with the people who are listing with us.
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bump of the day
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Da Bunneh has joined Looks like a good club. Gonna have a good root round.

And don't you bump at me, you bumper you
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I think it's a really great idea! Pretty much everyone I e-mail is either already a member of this site, or I have already told them about it and asked them if they wanted to join, but I can always try!! (I realize meowhoo is a different site, but I figured if most of the people I told about this site have never stopped by, they might not at the other site, either...but I figure it is worth a shot!!! ) It is a really good idea with the holidays coming up, people can find whatever they need for their pets!!!

I love the name, too!!!! "Spread the Mews" that is so cute!!!

Two paws up for that name and this contest!!!

BTW....I'm pretty sure I went and joined the club quite awhile ago, but I am so there anyway I could double check to see if I did join? If I haven't....I want to right away!!!!
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Just go ahead and join Debby if your email address is already on the list, it will tell you so.

And do ask your friends to join and put you as their referrer - maybe they will to help you in the contest.
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I will do that! Thanks!!!
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I just had to do that
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Hey people! Come on! Wake up!

Let me tell you so far winning this contest won't be very difficult. Just get 3-4 of your friends to join and you could be in the lead

So far most people seem to be putting me as the referrer Thank you for the support, but I'm afraid I'm not allowed to participate

We have 2 great purrizes for you!!! Come and claim them!

And if you want to tell your friends a bit more - I can let you know that the Meowhoo Club Mewsletter (first one coming out in 3 days!) is going to be awesome! We have a fun game with a fun prize, two great deals for club members and some more nice content too. I can't tell you much more, only that it will be availablet to meowhoo members only ... So you'll be doing your friends and your friends' friends a service by sending them our way. The sooner the better!
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Thank you everyone so much! Looks like I'm in the lead for the first prize

But I can't get it ya know! :tounge2: it needs to go to one of you lot! Along with the second prize.

That's more than $50 worth of wonderful prizes for you!!!!

Please join the contest - it's really easy - all you need to do is email your friends with something like our samply copy (first post in this thread). It's the easiest thing to do! honest! And let me tell you a little secret - right now you don't need too many of them to mention your name and you could be a winner!!!

So, please click here for the first post and email email email!
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Where do people put the refferal? All I see on the sign up page is a place to put your email address.
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They need to go through the sign-up process which involves getting a validation email and clicking the link that's provided to them. Reason for that is we don't want to spam anyone and we want to make sure that every email address that we get really gets to the person that actually wants to subscribe.

Once they click the link they get to a page that tells them:


You have been added to the club!
Your e-mail address, has been subscribed to the club list.

If you have arrived through a referral from contest please click here

A notification e-mail has been sent to your address: with a brief summary of the list and instructions on how to unsubscribe.

Thank you for joining!
They're supposed to click on the special link and then they're taken to the referral form. Sorry if that wasn't so clear - I'll make that sentence with a larger font and bold so it will stand out more. It is working though - we are getting people's input.

Anyway, sending us the list of emails was a good idea - we will go through them and give you credit for each one that has subscribed. Other people may want to do the same - if your friends tell you they signed up but couldn't find where to put you as referrrers, then please send us their email. If it is subscribed to the club, you will get your credit.

Thank you for participating!
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DragonLady - you're in the lead!!!

Well done! But there's still 2 weeks for the rest of you to wake up and join the competition!
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Hey Dragon Lady?

Right now you are in the lead! Good job at letting your friends know about The Club!
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What is the contest for DECEMBER???
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Speaks the winner of last month's contest! I moved the thread temp. that was announcing the December contest until the one link gets fixed.

Wanted to give you Dragon Lady and Michele of 21 Cats a head's up that the prizes were mailed out today. I was told they should be there in 5 days.
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I'll be bugging the mail carrier until it gets here
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