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Appetite increase??? Purring when there is food??

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Well, I have noticed that Lucky was VERY hungry this morning, and I fed them the usual last night, 1/3, or a little less. And when I got the soft food out this morning, boy was Lucky on to that! Lucky was watching me throw away the lids, and kept up with me throwing every lid away. I had to have 4, because of Mika, Hunter, and then the cat, that I am calling Smokie that comes around. And, then Lucky NEVER purrs when it is eating time, but boy does she purr with soft food, and was she hungry this morning!! She is spayed, but she has been rolling around in front of me, or anyone she could.. Lucky is more of the, "I have to eat less, because my figure will get all messed up if I do eat." (she does eat) kind of cat. But, I put the food cans out before I took my shower, and then, when I got out, she was still eating!!! Usually she is done, within 20 minutes or so... What should I do??? Let her eat? I am trying to slim her down, see how fat she is....

And Hunter is big too, I am trying to slim them both down, and all they want to do is eat!!! I have no idea on their weight, they haven't been to the vet.. yet. But, I don't know what to do!! When all Lucky wants to do is eat!!! I had two cans of cat food out, and Hunter ate most of it, and then Lucky ate the rest of his, and hers!! :yikes: Help would be loved. Thank you for reading!
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My cats eat quite a lot too but they exercise enough to keep off the bulgies.
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How old are they? What kind of food do they get (brand), and all wet or wet and dry? How much total food are they each eating in a day?

If they haven't been to the vet recently, that's always a good idea...especially if you are seeing something unusual. Any "dieting" should be discussed w/ a vet too.
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I have allways given my cats free access to high quality dry food and when they get a little bit heavy I just switch to the slim version. Iams has a good dry food for cats who need to lose wait. Then you can give caned food just as candy and in very small amounts.
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We just switched them off of Iams, and they are now eating Sensible Choice, what we feed Hershey, it seemed to fill him up, and we now only get food every 3 weeks for him. And then we decided to switch the cats to. I only feed all the cats dry, but when they run out of food, they get the wet canned food.
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I think their weight problem can be related to the fact that you are feeding them only dry.

We were feeding Roxie dry only but when we realized that it was the dry food that was making her overweight, we decided to incorporate wet into her diet. Slowly but surely she is losing the bulge.

You don't need to stop feeding them dry altogether, just maybe think about adding some wet to the equation. I have heard someone say on this site that dry food is like human cereal. Full of carbs and not much good stuff. I'm definately no expert but I hope that helps!

Good luck
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hmm, so this could probably help the other animals too? Feed them a can of wet cat food with their daily meal? Sounds helpful. thank you!
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I agree that the wet food is actually better for weight loss, and overall health.

Dry food is fine to some extent but it has been known to pack the pounds on kitty more than anything. Weight control or "lite" dry food can be even worse, ironically enough....as it has even MORE carbs and fillers in it in general.
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