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What does your cat do...

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to get attention?

Sammi climbs up my back or leg to get the attention she wants. She loves cuddle right up my neck or in my hair and loves to talk.

Oh by we had a little accident today, she fell in the toilet, she got out but of course she had to have a bath, which she did not like. I felt so bad, she just cried and shivered the whole time even when i was drying. She is now on my lap sleeping like a kitty who is feeling very sad.
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Karma will bite my feet and legs. Not hard but just in a teething kind of way. She won't stop till I give her love and play with her. Its kind of sweet having her just naw on me.
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If she just comes to me she gets my attention, mine is so cutie
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Walk across the keyboard

I think kittens are so cute when they want attention. When my cats were kittens they all seemed to think they were to small for me to see when they wanted my attention and I didn't give it to them for some reason. Then they would climb on furniture or the cat tree so they would be "big" and I could see them, LOL.
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When I'm in the kitchen, Spike will come up to me and stretch up as if he intends to use my legs as a scratching post. This is his sign that he wants to be picked up. He only does this in the kitchen, where I'll hold him like I'd hold a small child while I continue doing whatever I was doing before I picked him up. (He also likes it when I dance with him like this.)

When Oz wants attention, he'll walk up to the loveseat and reach up with his paws, making like he's going to scratch the furniture. Then he looks at me, as if to say "See what I'm going to do?" If I have his attention, he'll drop the pose and come over to me. If I'm not looking at him, he'll sink his claws into the couch (but won't scratch it -- he doesn't pull down) and look at me again. The sound of his claws popping into the fabric of the loveseat is usually enough to get my attention this time around. He never actually scratches the couch -- he just wants me to know he could do it, if I wasn't being properly attentive.
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Radar will sit by my feet and start leaping up digging his claws into my knees. I have explained to him over and over that a simple miaow would do the job, but he is not much of a talker. Or he will move in front of the computer monitor, plonk his backside down on the keyboard, and delete half of my military units or crash the game (this is when I am playing CIV 4)
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When I walk past the stairs in the new house and Guin's on them, he will lean out and pat my head! Or, if he wants my attention when I am walking around he will run up and grab the bottom of my trousers with his teeth!
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Mine just paw at my pants and then start head butting me until i pick them up. If I'm on the computer, they have developed at way to make their body the size of the computer monitor
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Molly is very vocal & usually wants treats-it's her drug of choice.
Lucky will just jump on my lap no matter where I am & what I am doing.
Benson-well for me he gets into things he shouldn't & with DH he meows to get him to follow.
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Depends on what I'm doing.

If I'm on the internet on my laptop she'll unplug the power cord on the laptop or she'll jump up and walk all over the keyboard doing unusual things to the laptop in the process.

If I'm sleeping she'll poke me in the face until I wake up.

If she's just bored she'll meow lots and lots.

If she really wants to play she'll drag toys over to where I am and meow and look at me expectantly.

If she's really hyped up she'll attack my feet and/or hands.

These are the most common ones really I think.

Oh yeah and if she just wants a bit of communication she'll run to me and then hop into my lap, peer at me and poke me in the face with a paw or lick my forehead before running off again.
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