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My day went from dull to very good

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I exchanged numbers with a very nice guy and he is so funny and very nice. We talked for two hours when I got in from work. About everything. Mostly silly stuff. And he likes animals and he is originally from Texas. So he's supposed to try to call me tomorrow or on Thursday since I work tomorrow. So my day went pretty well even though he was teasing me about liking Trace Adkins. I think men are all jealous of him.
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good luck hope you enjoy.
err, who is trace adkins?
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Sounds nice, I hope Tavia won't be jealous
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That sounds great!

In my mind, teasing is one of the best sign of affection. But then again, I have a pretty weird mind.
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Well when we got ready to hang up the phone he said well beautiful I hate to part with good company but I have to get some sleep. And we talked for a tiny bit longer. But he is hispanic and he has this whole Latino/Texas ascent thing going its so adorable. And my only problem now is I can't wait to talk to him tonight. I told him last night what time I got home from work and he said he would call me if he didn't fall asleep first. And I said well I'm off Thursday if you want to talk then and he said I don't think I want to wait that long to talk to you. The only thing is he isn't a huge fan of cats he was bitten by one and he got that cat fever. He doesn't hate cats but he hasn't been exposed to good experiences with them. But he does like animals and he has a dog and his dog is allowed inside every guy I have ever talked to before had animals but they were outside. And he likes fishing and camping and all of that stuff and he likes the arts, plays and such he said he used to paint before life got in the way. And I told him I was a writer and he was like cool. And he comes from a similar background as me and he likes being out in the country.
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Keep us UPDATED!!!
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I need some vibes that he doesn't turn out to be too good to be true and be like all the other men I have met before.
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Love is in the air today I like how he ended the conversation
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That's so exciting. Sending lots of good vibes your way!!! Hopefully you can get him to like cats more. Keep us updated!
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Yeah hopefully I can get him to like cats more but atleast he is tolorant of them my ex's family with the exception of his aunt, all hated cats his mom wanted to shoot a cat for simply walking across the road. But we didn't like each other anyway I told her to get on her broom and fly away. One good thing is his family doesn't live around here. I know that sounds awful but I have found sometimes absense makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to family.
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Great news! Sounds like things are getting off to a very good start. There really are a few good ones left out there, so here's hoping he is one

Keep us posted!
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Oh, that's wonderful! I'm crossing everything I've got that this guy really is a good one!
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Yeah he's a nice guy I can't wait to get off work tonight. He lives one county over and I think I am going to turn my area calling back on just to talk to him. But he told me he could call me but I like being able to call someone I like too.
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Sounds like you two really hit it off Where did you meet him? Talking for 2 hours on the phone for the first time is a VERY good sign!

The cat thing, I really wouldn't worry about. If he is already an animal lover but just had one bad experience with cats I think he will be fine with Tavia. Just sit her down and explain to her that she has to be on her good behavior! Yeah, I she will actually listen to you. But, once he sees how sweet and loving a cat can be I doubt he will have a problem.

Awww....I miss this stage...waiting for the call with butterflies in my stomach. Now, when my husband calls I'm like "yeah, what do ya want?". LOL, just kidding!

You know what they say about spring and men's fancy....

keep us posted!!
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It was just a happen to type of thing of meeting. And we talked tonight for two more hours. And it was the funny sweet talking type. He was teasing me about being short, because I am only 5'4" and the funny thing is he is only 5'8" so him teasing me kind of got me picking on him. And then I told him about my friend's ex and his story of how he tried to join the army and he laughed because he had been in the army and thought the story was outragious which I already knew it was because I have been around military people my whole life. And we just laughed about all kinds of silly stuff and I miss talking to people like that. He has a 5 year old little boy and his boy is his world and I have alot of respect for someone like that. And he like me is a bit of a homebody and likes watching movies and such as that but is a bit different in that I am kind of quirky and he is one of thouse people that lives a structured life. Its just really nice talking to someone like that.
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When is he taking you to dinner?
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He asked to take me out tomorrow because I am off work but then he remembered that he has his son tomorrow. Besides I only get one day off this week so I just want to relax. But he said he wants to take me out ASAP. I kind of like making advance plans anyway. We got ready to hang up and he said that he was going to call me tomorrow because he would be home at a descent time. I can't wait. Get all of these little butterflies when I talk to him.
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So where did you meet him? You never really answered that. My DH and I met at a stop light so you never know, we have been together for 11 years now. I hope all goes well. He sounds like a great man. The fact that he is an animal lover is good. He will love cats once he meets your furbabies. Please keep us posted. I smell love in the air.
The first night my DH and I talked on the phone it was for about 6 hours, phones can be magical.
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Some one that knew me and knew him and knew that I was single gave him my number after he offered to give me his through this person but I couldn't call because my area calling was off so he called me. And he said he will call me today too.
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