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I just registered and am happy to be part of a group of cat loving persons.

We obtained Simba (siamese/himalayan) mix about a year ago and he is truly beautiful! I was reading about one of the ladies having problems with socialization of her two shelter manx cats. Our Simba would not come near us and hid behind our headboard for 4 full weeks after we brought him home. He was 6 months old when we got him. With a lot of patience, loving coaxing and play toys, he finally allowed me to touch him first. Now he is the darling of the family - loves me, our 21 yr. old daughter, my husband and my mom. He loves to be held like a baby and talks to all of us. He has to be on my lap whenever I sit down (including when I'm using the bathroom). Love and patience won this little fellow over and it sounds as though this lady has lots of the same and I'm certain she will have 2 loving animals soon.

I'll look forward to sharing your stories and helping in any way if I have any knowledge to impart.

Linda (Simba's Mom)
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Welcome Linda

this truly is the most wonderful group of people i have ever
met on-line. i'm happy you found us, and i hope you stay &
post often

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I'm the one with the 2 manx cats that were so shy when I got them. after 10 weeks they have come along way and let me pet them. they run around the house chasing each other & having a wonderful time. I still have a long way to go but everyday is a break through. last night cracker layed on my bed & fell asleep. in the past she would jump on the bed, let me pet her, she might lay down for 30 seconds & then she would jump down. this was the first time she trusted enough to stretch out & sleep.

your story made me smile & inspires me!
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Thanks for your reply. I'm so happy to hear your babies are coming along. What a thrill. I remember how happy I was when Simba accepted us. My heart felt so full. Sounds like you are really making progress.

Looking forward to future interaction on this site.
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Hello and welcome, Simba's Mom!

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What does "redux" mean? Also, I notice some folks are referred to as "kitten", "adult", "alpha cat". What do these monikers mean?

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"Redux" indicates a repeat. I'd said "Hello!" to you already in a different thread! The various monikers (Alpha Cat, et cetera) are based upon the number of posts one has, um, posted.

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