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My kitty Videos!!

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No kitties were harmed in the making of these videos I promise!!


feel free to leave comments they are always cool!
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They are great!

Diesel loves being spun too!
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there was some serious tail swishing in that cat-spat and I love the cat have his drink from the tap - think you have shown that before still good to watch again
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awesome videos!!! deffinately made me laugh when the chair stopped spinning and the kitties head was going back and forth and the last video with the water that was hilarious
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Those are great Poor baby in that first one Awww
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Squeaks water video was on here before. but I figured I would put the 3 together anyways. and As for the poor kitty in the first video she absolutly loves this! I started the video a few seconds to late. she jumps into the chair and holds on.
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Absolutely bizarre to see her sit in the chair being spun like that. Cats can be do weird. She obviously likes it though because she could definately jump off if she wanted to.

Loved seeing the play fight as well and the water one was too funny. Are you forced to turn the taps for your cats entertainment regularely? I know I am.. heh.

Anyway thanks for posting these.
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yes he sits and waits there every morning for me to turn it on. I also thought I would take another video with more light so you can see her spinning!!!

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